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Marcus Dubcek

Marcus Dubcek[edit]

played by Zed Lopez

A former Cthulhu cult assassin, raised in the cult, who got out of the cult with his sister, and later joined with Theo.

He is the president of Penthus.

You will all be working for him someday.


October 1, 1932

The Penthus Corporation has named a new president, Marcus
Dubcek. David Wheeler has stepped down as acting president, and will
resume his role as Chief Operations Officer.

Mr. Dubcek succeeds Rudolph Von Horst, who passed away in August.

"I look forward to working with Mr. Dubcek, and I don't mind saying
I'm relieved to get back to my own job," said Mr. Wheeler.

"Penthus is engaged in the most vital research imaginable," said
Mr. Dubcek.  "I believe we can truly change the world."




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