The Stars Are Right: Danny Macklin

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Danny Macklin, dead heel.

Macklin, Danny[edit]


Proprietor of the Irish Rose. Was living with Heather Flynn, whom he beat regularly. Killed by person or persons unknown.

On 5 August 1932, Daniel Macklin’s body was found in the speakeasy The Irish Rose, which he owned and operated. Macklin’s throat was cut, and his body suspended from a hook set into the ceiling. Blood covered his chest and was spattered copiously around the bar; more blood than could have come from one person. Money found at the scene represented an average week’s take from the bar, suggesting that robbery was not a motive. The bar’s shillelagh was smashed and left next to the bar.
—from Frank Lovejoy's notes.

Heather Flynn claimed that he owed something to old connections of hers, and took her on due to that debt. Didn't beat her at first, but started once he heard that her connections had died. Possibly this means he owed something to Maturine de Bonnevault, but what he owed remains unclear.


According to Hannelore Rhyner, Macklin was killed by Vladimir Zavanov under orders from Madeline Usher, one of The Elders.