108 Triumphant Steps

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Player Character in The Shadow Over Creation

108 in civilian robes

Basic Information

Name: 108 Triumphant Steps (108 for short)
Concept: Wardancer seeking enlightenment
Caste: Zenith
Anima: additional dancing legs and arms, mandala shining behind.
Limit Trigger: Being responsible for an ally's setback or defeat.

Supernal: Performance
Caste Abilities: Performance, War, Resistance, Athletics, Presence
Favored Abilities: Melee, Socialize, Dodge, Occult, Integrity

Tracking Stuff

Willpower: 5/5
Personal Motes: 06/13
Peripheral Motes: 25/25 (5 attuned)
Sorcerous Motes: 7
Health Levels (-0, -0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated)

Regular XP: 8
Solar XP: 0

Limit: 1

Important Stats

Join Battle: 6 Dice
Guile: 1 Resolve: 2 (+2 if dancing alone)
Evasion: 4 (7 when dancing) Parry: 5 (7 when dancing)
Soak: 8 (14 with Bronze Skin) Hardness: 0 (6 with Bronze Skin)

Longfang (Lethal, Melee, Piercing, Thrown [short]) 8 dice (+3 for withering), 14 damage


Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 5
Charisma 5 Manipulation 1 Appearance 2
Intelligence 2 Perception 3 Wits 2

Abilities [Specialties]

Athletics 3
Awareness 2
Dodge [Dancing] 4
Integrity 2
Linguistics 1
Melee [Spear] 3
Occult 4
Performance [Motivating] 4
Presence 3
Resistance 3
Socialize 2
War [Leading the Underdog] 4


Hearthstone (Purity Gem): 2
Command (warband): 2
Fast Reflexes: 3
Boundless Endurance: 2
Cult (warband): 1
Artifact (Heritage of Violence - Black jade Longfang): 3

On that fateful battle, there wasn't just one Dragon-Blooded general. Amidst the chaos, she found a dead young man, his face and chest full of arrows. She knew he was Dragon-Blooded lieutenant, for he had an elegant armor with the emblem of his House, and his skin was the colour of a deep lake. Surely a young Dynast looking for glory at a battle that was supposed to be easy. He was no longer holding his black jade Longfang. She tied colourful flags to both ends and renamed it Heritage of Violence. She twirls it and incorporates it into her dancing moves in order to send commands. Both ends end in a sharp blade. [Evocations yet to be determined]

Solar Charms (Ability and page)

Reed in the Wind (Dodge, 299)
Dust Motes Whirling (Dodge, 299)
Searing Quicksilver Flight (Dodge, 300)
Excellent Strike (Melee, 346)
Fire and Stones Strike (Melee, 346)
Dipping Swallow Defense (Melee, 346)
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (Occult, 360)
Masterful Performance Exercise (Performance, 361)
Soul-Firing Performance (Performance, 361)
Stillness-Drawing Meditation (Performance, 361)
Trance of Fugue Vision (Performance, 362)
Respect-Commanding Attitude (Performance, 362)
Graceful Reed Dancing (Performance, 366)
Battle-Dancer Method (Performance, 366)
Harmonious Presence Meditation (Presence, 369)
Ox-Body Technique (Resistance, 375)
Front-Line Warrior Stamina (Resistance, 376)
War God Descendant (War, 420)
League of Iron Preparation (War, 420)
Rout-Stemming Gesture (War, 421)


108 made a pact with Tenepeshu, water dragon ruling over Champoor.

The sorcerer’s patron offers her power in exchange for drowned offerings, seizing forever tributes from within the depths and rewarding her with glory. The sorcerer may make a prayer roll (Charisma + Performance, difficulty 5 minus the Resources value of any sacrifices offered along with the prayer) seeking power from her patron. Success grants her sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence + extra successes on the roll). These motes last for the duration of the story, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. She cannot pray for power more than once a day, and receiving new motes replaces any granted by past prayers.

Spells Known (page)
Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (control spell, 474)


Defining Principle: Dance is the purest art
Major Principle: Work is the only play you'll need
Major Tie: The Broken-Winged Crane (distrust and need for personal assessment)
Major Tie: My Ragtag Band of Misfi- My Warband (respect and responsibility)
Minor Tie: Musicians (appreciation)
Minor Tie: Water Dragon Tenepeshu (patron)
Minor Principle: One can only be brave when one is afraid - don't run from what scares you
Minor Tie: Morning Way (business partner)
Minor Tie: Aria (appreciation of craftsmanship)
Minor Tie: Razor Dreaming Kitten (curiosity about her origins)
Minor Tie: Hell (very cautious curiosity)


108 owns light armor, not very modest (as it would have hindered her moves as a mortal), but protecting the most important parts. She also looted an artifact black jade spear she renamed Heritage of Violence.


Since even before puberty, 108 Triumphant Steps – previous name unrecorded and now lost – has been a battle dancer. The Champoorite girl danced for hours without end, not just to encourage and improve the morale of her fellow soldiers, but also to communicate coded orders from her general, using her agility, spear, and flags to do so. She was zealous, and held a lot of respect for the rest of the military.

After over 20 years of life, she finally had to face the Realm. Rumors were Champoor had offended the empire, but hell if anybody knew how. The scheduled battle was barely more than a mass public execution to make of Champoor an example, for they were nowhere as well-trained or well-equipped as the Realm, and had no Dragon-Blooded on their side. General Deep Archipelago was fully aware of the odds, yet went in without any intention to surrender, let alone struggle (for it would offer no chance of victory, he thought, and would make things harder for everybody); he was looking forward to a dignified death against the most glorious opponent they would ever face. 108, also aware of the odds, unlike him, was absolutely terrified, and quite fine with the idea of staying alive.

When the battle began, despite her fear, she quickly ignored the general's genuine orders and give out her own commands instead, if only just to try, even though the odds were against her. The Unconquered Sun witnessed her decision, and approved it. Reports of this battle are extremely vague and incoherent, for it became a confusing mess for all parties involved as soon as the Realm suffered their first casualties. Champoor didn't win that battle, but many of its soldiers survived, having either fled or been captured; likewise, the Realm lost a great deal more soldiers than expected. 108 had fled when the chaos overwhelmed her attempts at discipline, accompanied by a couple dozens soldiers: conscripts who were petty thugs or desperate peasants. She went to Tenepeshu for help, and the Water Dragon initiated her to sorcery, with the implicit promise of prayers and revenge. This only strengthened 108's conviction that she was on the right path toward enlightenment. Hiding since the battle, the deserters finally heard more rumors about what started it all: the Broken-Winged Crane. Supposedly, the (now-deceased?) high priest had it, supposedly, he refused to hand it when ordered to do so by the Realm and did it in the name of the Nighted City, and supposedly, Dynasts got it back all the same. 108 wants to find out by herself whether that damn Crane, whatever that is, was worth almost slaughtering her peers.