Abigail Lyceum

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Abigail Lyceum

High Concept: Magical Pop Star Princess

Trouble: All Eyes on Me

Dance Magic, Dance

I'll Be Watching You

Undefined Aspect

Great (+4) Rapport

Good (+3) Athletics, Notice

Fair (+2) Contacts, Deceive, Provoke

Average (+1) Empathy, Physique, Stealth, Will

Refresh: 2

Physical Stress: 0 0 0

Mental Stress: 0 0 0


Danger Zone: Abigail has an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. The slightest plotting whisper or shifting of feet is carried to her ears by the wind, and the barest glint of steel draws her eye like fire in the night. Her notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like concealment, total darkness, noisy spaces, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm her.

Razzle Dazzel 'Em: Abigail get +2 to her Provoke rolls to create advantage by confusing or overwhelming the senses of others with magical lights or sounds.

Listen to My Heart: Abigail may use Rapport to attack characters she has successfully created an emotional aspect on, or who otherwise care about her opinion. If they are a fan or feel a genuine affection for her, her words strike hard and count as Weapon 1.

Showtime!: +2 to Rapport when delivering a performance to a crowd. If there are named NPCs or PCs in the crowd, she may target them all simultaneously with one roll rather than dividing up the shifts.

Current Advantages (10/18/21)

In Position (1)

Learned a Little About Everyone (1)