Abraham Boone

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Abraham Boone was born in the wilds of Montana, on a remote farm run by a father who had survivalist tendencies. He learned to hunt and camp and hike, and could live off the land by the time he was ten. When he turned 18 he joined the army - a Boone family tradition - served his two years as a competent soldier specializing in wilderness warfare, then left to continue working on the family farm.

Several years later, he was tapped by X-COM and offered a job, which he accepted. He’d long believed in the existence of extraterrestrials - he’d seen some strange things in the skies of Montana, eerie lights in the sky, and cattle dissected with surgical skill by unknown entities - so this was something of a personal validation for Boone. The chance to serve his country and also discover the Truth was too much to pass up.

Boone is an unapologetic country boy who loves the wilderness, but somewhat to the surprise of others, he is also a fan of classic literature and poetry of all sorts. He owns a tablet stuffed with books which he carries everywhere, and has a quote for every occasion. He is never happier than when he’s in a tree stand waiting for a buck to wander by and reading Melville or Thoreau or Wilde.

Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear
Agility d8 Pace: 6" Academics d6 X-COM Combat Armor
Armor: +3
Weight: 8
Covers torso, legs and arms and head (with helmet)
-1 to enemy notice rolls in natural environments when configured with the correct camouflage
-1 to Notice checks for hearing while wearing helmet
Increase Strength for purposes of carrying capacity by one die type.
Smarts d8 Parry: 5 Athletics d6 Sniper Rifle
Range: 35/70/140 Damage: 2d10 AP: 1 ROF: 1
Shots: 10 Min Str: d6 Weight: 10 Magazine Weight: 1 Notes: Semi-Auto
Spirit d6 Toughness: 5 C. Knowledge d6 ACOG Sight
Weight: 1 Location: Optics Notes: +1 to shooting rolls at medium range. Bulky, Fragile.
Strength d6 Bennies: 3 Fighting d6 Laser Sight
Weight: 1 Location: Underbarrel
Notes: When firing at a target engaged in melee combat with an ally at close range, you don’t hit the friendly when you roll a 1 on the shooting roll
Vigor d6 Healing d6 Light Pistol
Range: 8/16/32 Damage: 2d6 AP: 0 ROF: 1
Shots: 15 Min Str: d4 Weight: 4 Magazine Weight: 0.5 Notes: CQB
Edges Hindrances Notice d8+2 Combat Knife
Damage: 1d6+STR AP: 0 Weight: 1 Notes: Throwable
+2 to Notice rolls
Loyal (minor) Persuasion d4
Steady Hands
Ignore Unstable Platform penalty,
running penalty -1
Phobia: Snakes (major) Shooting d8
+2 to Survival and Stealth in wilderness
Quirk: Quotes literature and poetry (minor) Stealthy d6
Survival d8