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Contained herein are direct links to the audio podcasts.

Story 1 - The Arcanist's Tower

Episode 1 - Four strangers gather in the household of the Truth Seeker, Aecurius Tarravus.

Episode 2, Part 1 - Dark things rise from a well of ancient Elder power.

Episode 2, Part 2 - A lonely road winds into the wild Sarokean mountains.

Episode 3, Part 1 - A remote and isolated enclave offers strange insights into the nature of mankind.

Episode 3, Part 2 - The brooding bulk of an Umbral tower proves a meeting point for many parties.

Episode 4, Part 1 - The Umbral tower’s innards are filled with shadows and empty echoes.

Episode 4, Part 2 - The steamwork sanctum of the summit offers both answers and new questions.

Episode 5, Part 1 - The path leads down into the bowels of the Umbral tower, where darkness and violence wait.

Episode 5, Part 2 - A dark ziggurat of thrumming arcane engines is washed with crimson carnage.

Episode 6, Part 1 - A demonic presence from a past age threatens to cloud the skies.

Episode 6, Part 2 - A moment of contemplation and a time for discussions, before those involved part ways.

Story 2 - The Black Vault

Episode 7, Part 1 - Time to make good the deal with the man of steam and steel. To Carthagia, and the waiting arms of the Manipulator-General.

Episode 7, Part 2 - Down in the labyrinth beneath Samiroth Ridge, void and nothing offer a spherical challenge.

Episode 8, Part 1 - Interests collide, and the shell of the Black Vault is cracked.

Episode 8, Part 1 - What lies within comes without in a cascade of catastrophe. The Reaver walks the world once more.

Story 3 -

Episode 9, Part 1 - Onwards to Qyashun, to answer the call of the Vault-Keeper in hope of supplicating for secrets.

Episode 9, Part 2 - A brief stop in the trade-town of Subri-Hai entangles stubborn Bikwaphi with a shadowy box.

Episode 10, Part 1 - Lord Yun Tai Zhan places a price on his prized stories. A demon waits in High Dawn Valley, vultures circling.

Episode 10, Part 2 - Embers flare into life as the Seventh Flame blazes with power.

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