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Bailei (Shunru)

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 2


High Concept: False Master of Rock Hell Tigers

Trouble: The Mysterious Toads Haunt Me

Phase One: Intuition Bordering Divination, Untrained

Phase Two: A Safehouse in Every Hamlet

Phase Three: TBD


Great (+4) Physique

Good (+3) Fight, Investigation

Fair (+2) Chi, Lore, Provoke

Average (+1) Will, Rapport, Athletics, Deceive


Physical O O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:

Rock Hell Tiger (Stone Tiger)

Form Aspect:


Tiger Rules the Jungle: Uses Physique to defend against Provoke attacks

Stone Resists the Blow: Armor 2 against all attacks Bailei is aware of

Stone Weathers the Storm: When defending with style, heals -1 physical stress or converts another stress box to -1


A Life Etched in Stone: Shunru always uses Physique instead of Deceive to maintain the cover of being Bailei.

A Caged Tiger Still Has Claws: Shunru gains Weapon: 3 to Fight when outnumbered or attacking mobs.

Remnants of Shunru: Shunru has +2 to Create Advantage in Investigations when consulting records for information.


There is a prison built into the mountains. It's proper name is never used, the guards and prisoners know it as Deep Rock Hell. Prisoners are interred deep into a series of catacombs and tunnels, kept away from the light of the sun. The only know only the light of the lamp or the moon when a lucky prisoner manages to see the surface. Without the light of the sun or means to gauge time, Deep Rock Hell becomes a reality worthy of the name of hell, one that makes your past like a dream.

Shunru can remember things. He can remember times he made his sister cry. He can remember a trip he once took with his father. He remembers a game he played with his mother. He no longer remembers their faces or names. He remembers he is Shunru only from having his name echoed back by the guards and fellow prisoners. Other prisoners who have been there longer, who aren't as willful, or don't have other coping mechanisms have forgotten far more. It is believed that only when you have forgotten everything will they let you free.

One face he still remembers from before was the face of his teacher, twisted in shock and horror as he laid dead at his feet, but his memories of that event are painful and unclear. He thinks if he had done it, it must have been self defense. Shunru thinks he saw something he should not, and his teacher had to die for it. Thinking on it too long brings to mind a symbol of a toad and then he stops thinking about it altogether.

Life in Deep Rock Hell would have been short, had he not caught the attention of Bailei, Tiger practitioner of the Rock Hell Masters, a martial arts society formed by its prisoners. Between his lessons, Shunru learned of Bailei's life and criminal past. His stories seemed clear and detailed, more real than anything from Shunru's life. Under his tutelage, Shunru became Bailei's top enforcer in Deep Rock Hell, and then Bailei cut Shunru a deal.

Bailei had once been an enforcer for Lady Fangbao and her Seven Blood Treasures before they sold out Bailei and got him imprisoned. His few connections to the guards told him that they had become a major criminal outfit in his absence. One day, he thinks, the Empress will bring him out to deal with them, but now his time in Deep Rock Hell has gotten to him. Shunru knows his life and enough of his martial arts, and his time in Deep Rock Hell has made his appearance sufficiently similar to the older master. It'd be easy for Shunru to take his place and fulfill his business.

Shunru has his doubts. Bailei's newfound patience and cunning contrasts with his younger bloodthirsty days, and it's strange that he remember his own life so vividly. Plus Bailei has made so many enemies that Deep Rock Hell would be safer. Still, it'd be a chance to be out in the sun and the trees, to taste foods and drinks denied to him, and possibly remember who Shunru even is.

And, perhaps, discover the mystery of the toads that imprisoned him.

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