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Basic Information

Name: Aphrodite
Player: ubergeek2012
Server: Everlasting
Archetype: Defender (Empathy/Psychic Blast)
Power Origin: Magic
Alignment: Hero
Affiliation: Young Paragons
Real Name: Candace Simmons (Secret)
Age: Appears to be in mid 20s when transformed, but true age is 18

General Description

Aphrodite is a divine champion for an old goddess in a new world. By gaining fans and drawing attention to her namesake patron, she channels psychic energy that empowers both of them. Or it's also possible that she's an extremely powerful psychic with a mostly harmless delusion.

Origin Story

She was a student studying both photography and fashion, when one night she was visited in a dream by an image of the goddess Aphrodite. The goddesses's words still ring loudly in her memory, “Go forth, in my name, and be my beacon on your world. As a symbol of my love and beauty, be my champion.”
Since that day, gifted with Aphrodite’s power, she has done so. As she grows in renown and popularity that psychic energy is channeled back to her patron, making them both stronger.

Costumes and Appearance

Aphrodite stands at about 6' 4" when transformed into her super heroic persona, her costume usually consists of a pink and white color scheme. The costume is magically generated, and it was discovered that she could change it to other appearances by focusing her will. This ability has triggered accidentally on occasion, once while asleep and dreaming and once from somebody else's mind during a moment of psychic connection.

Recent Events


M.A.G.I. personnel file notes (Confidential): Testing shows that Aphrodite draws power from an empathic link with people, growing stronger based on the amount and proximity of the sources. There appears to be a correlation between spikes of power level and levels of emotional energy. No negative side effects on the sources have been recorded at this time.
There is currently no confirmation of the existence and/or identity of the goddess figure mentioned in her initial interviews.