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Io, the Protégé (Jade "JJ" Jupiter)


Woman, mixed, lean, casual clothes, colourful costume



  • Danger: -1
  • Freak: +1
  • Savior: +1
  • Superior: +2
  • Mundane: =0

Doc Jupiter embodies Superior and denies Freak

Conditions: o Afraid (-2 to directly engage a threat) o Angry (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask) o Guilty (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation) o Hopeless (-2 to unleash your powers) o Insecure (-2 to defend someone or reject others’ influence)

Abilities: Own ability: Telepathy and telekinesis
Shared ability: Weapons and gadgets
Mentor's ability: Detective skills

Advancement: Potential: ooooo

o Take another move from your playbook o Take another move from your playbook o Take a move from another playbook o Someone permanently loses Influence over you; add +1 to a Label o Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label o Add +2 to the Label your mentor embodies or denies o Choose up to four more resources from your mentor o Unlock your Moment of Truth


Protégé Moves:

Fireside chat: When you seek advice from your mentor, roll + the Label they embody. On a hit they will tell you what to do. On a 10+, mark potential if you follow their advice, and take +1 ongoing to follow through. On a 7-9, you get +1 forward to see it through if you do it their way. On a miss, they don’t have time for you because something big has gone down; mark a condition, GM’s choice.

Heroic tradition: When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead of rolling + Mundane.

Venting frustration: When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the Label your mentor denies and clear Angry.

Team Moves:

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if you’ve been a good leader or effective teammate. If they say yes, your mentor loses Influence over you and you mark potential. If they say no, your mentor gains Influence over you, and you take +1 forward on using the Label your mentor embodies.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about your mentor (including your feelings towards them). Give them Influence over you and add 1 Team to the pool.

Moment of Truth:

The moment that you show who you really are: your mentor, or something different. You can do whatever your mentor could do and more. You can do the incredible, even the things they always failed to accomplish. Of course, they’re not going to see you the same way, no matter which path you choose...


JJ has influence over:

Tomorrow's Hope
Omega Avatar


In his younger days, Dr Jericho Jupiter was a scientist and genius gadgeteer who travelled through the galaxy on the aetheric waves in search of new discoveries and adventures. He liberated alien planets, defended the Earth from a tyrant on the moon, uncovered mysteries and conspiracies through space and time.

Perhaps his most memorable encounter of all was with Alena, psychic princess of an alien empire. Jupiter rescued her from both an assassination plot and an arranged marriage, she rescued him from imprisonment by her scheming relatives, and somewhere along the line they fell in love. But once their daughter Jade was born, the couple had to make a hard decision. Alena had taken the throne, making the half-human Jade the heir to the empire, and Alena's enemies were still out there. In the end Jupiter returned to his home, to raise the girl in secret from the rest of the galaxy

Jade, or JJ as she prefers, was raised on Earth with only stories of her father's adventures in space. Empress Alena's responsibilities keep her to distant planets, and visiting Earth would draw too much attention; the two speak occasionally but haven't met since Jade was a baby. Dr Jupiter raised his daughter smart and curious and bold, but also taught her to hide her true nature. But when Jade hit her teens and manifested the psychic abilities inherited from her mother's royal bloodline, it was only a matter of time until she became a superhero, with her father's somewhat reluctant support.

JJ and her team have access to the Toybox, a room in a pocket dimension with the entrance currently located behind an unused door in the school basement. This is also where JJ works on her gadgets, some repurposed or modded from her father's, some her own. One she always has on her is a pair of gravity boots that she fitted into a pair of sneakers. She also wear a star-shaped crystal pendant, a rare gift from her mother. It bends light in interesting ways, intended for cosmetic use, but she uses it to hide the natural green colour of her eyes and hair when out of costume.


Doc Jupiter is cautious; he asked Io to keep an eye on Impedor.
Io and Omega Avatar teamed up a few times before the team came together.


Hidden base
Simple robots