Asashiro character types (Polesia)

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Bushi (Warrior)[edit]

The most famous Bushi in Asashiro is, of course, the samurai warrior. Just as common, however, are Yojimbo (hired mercenaries), Ashigaru (commoner soldiers), and Ronin (Former Samurai). Inevitably, all warriors in the land are known as Bushi, and their types are quite diverse. Your limits in building a Bushi for an Asashiro campaign are open to interpretation. Build a warrior, and fit him or her into the customs of this land. The most ideal choice is a fighter or samurai class from D&D, Pathfinder, or 4th edition Legend of the Five Rings d20.

Shugenja (Elemental priests)[edit]

Magic in Asashiro is a unique art, taught by the Great Kami as part of the stewardship of the people of the empire. Only a lucky few (usually of the samurai caste) are able to speak with the kami spirits that can sift into the physical world. These few are trained arduously in the arts of appeasing these mysterious natural concepts into performing special duties for them. This is performed through a number of means, but inevitably, it is all divine magic. When creating a shugenja, the ideal situation is the use of the shugenja classes from D&D, L5R, Pathfinder (custom class), or a cleric or oracle with an elemental/spirit focus. Other options are available upon request, though all magic must be divine magic. There is no arcane magic in Asashiro.


On some level, every samurai is expected to be a courtier. You can, however, specialize in this. L5r has a courtier class, and I have seen pathfinder builds for them, however, any character that chooses to focus at least as much on courtly skill as physical abilities may be considered a courtier and receive a different job type than his or her peers.

Other characters[edit]


Asashiro has a proud monastic tradition, and any character, no matter his caste (besides untouchable) can become a monk of nearly any kind.


The shinobi spy is an excellent thematic choice. While only Sasori samurai can be a ninja and still be a samurai, many cabals of ninja come from commoner stock.


In Asashiro, it has been confirmed that psions walk among the people. Those with the blood of the Great Kami occasionally exhibit magnificent mental powers. While such people may be viewed with a godlike reverence, they are not typically welcome among the xenophobic people of Asashiro. Therefore most with the talent either remove themselves from society or practice their talent in secret. It has been rumored that there is a secret society of the psionically gifted living among normal folk. Some rumors tell that certain members of this society do not age or even die.


Maho is a forbidden art of blood magic. The taint emanating from the plateau of Leng carries with it a horrible and truly inspiring dark power the likes of which cannot be matched in all of Polesia. Maho practitioners are rooted out and destroyed whenever possible. Even the most staunch and stubborn practitioner eventually becomes a tool to Kiiro No Ō. In most circumstances, Maho practitioners are not playable.