Astrid Halsfjar

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==Astrid Halsfjar :: Sorceress :: Shadow Magic

"Ignore that patch of shadow. Of course it's not moving. Look at this figurine - see how detailed the feathers are?"

Base Matrix

Ht: 6'1" | Wt: 168 lbs | Hair: Strawberry Blonde | Eyes: Grey | Lv: 1 | Aln: CN |


STR 8 / -1 Save (-1) || DEX 16 / +3 Save (+2) || CON 12 / +1 Save (+3)
INT 10 / +0 Save (+0) || WIS 13 / +1 Save (+1) || CHA 17/ +3 Save (+5)


Proficiencies: [Proficiency Bonus +2]

Arcana [+2]
Deception [+4]
Insight [+3]
Intimidation [+5]
Persuasion [+5]
Sleight of Hand [+7]


Acrobatics [+3]
Animal Handling [+1]
Athletics [-1]
History [+0]
Investigation [+0]
Medicine [+1]
Nature [+0]
Perception [+1]
Performance [+3]
Religion [+0]
Stealth [+3]
Survival [+1]


Primordial (Shadow)


Carving set (Gems/Semi-Precious stones)


AC 13 | HP 7 | Hit Dice: 1d6 | Initiative Modifier +3

Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach
Dagger +5 1d4+3 n/a Dagger +5 1d4+3 20'


Shadow Touched Your exposure to the Shadowfell's magic has changed you, granting the following benefits:

Increase Charisma by +1
You learn the Invisibility spell and the Inflict Wounds spell. You can cast each of these spells without expending a spell slot. Once you cast either one of these spells in this way, you cannot cast that spell again until you complete a long rest. You can also cast these spells using spell slots you have of the appropriate level. The Spellcasting ability is Cha.

Skill Expert You have honed your proficiency with particular skills, granting you the following benefits:

Increase Dexterity by +1.
You gain Proficiency in a skill of your choice. (Sleight of Hand)
Choose one skill in which you have proficiency (Sleight of Hand). You gain Expertise with that skill, doubling your Proficiency Bonus with that skill.

Racial Features [Variant Human]

Size: Medium

Speed: 30

Skills You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice. (Deception)

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Primordial (Shadow)

Feat: You gain one Feat of your choice. (Shadow Touched)

Class Features

Sorcerous Origin: Shadow Magic [Quirk: Your heart beats once per minute. This sometimes surprises you.]

Eyes of the Dark

120' Darkvision

Strength of the Grave

When damage reduces you to 0 HPs, make a Cha Save (DC 5+Damage taken). On a success, you drop to 1 hp instead. This feature cannot be used against Radiant damage or damage received by a critical hit.

Spellcasting Logistics

Spell Slots: L1 | 2

Spell DC: 13

Spell Att Mod: +5


Chill Touch 120' 1d8 Necrotic
Mage Hand 30' [1m] 10 lb limit
Message 120'
Minor Illusion 30'

Spells Known Level 1

Mage Armor Touch 8 Hour Duration AC 13 + Dex
Magic Missile 120' 3 darts 1d4+1 One target or many.
Inflict Wounds Touch 3d10 Necrotic

Level 2

Invisibility Touch, Concentration, Up to 1 hr.

Background Features [Guild Artisan]

Skill Proficiencies


Tool Proficiencies

'Carving tools




Guild Membership

Personality Trait I throw myself into my work - enough that I lose track of time. Ideal Everyone should be free to pursue her or his livelihood. Bond I carry a collection of items that I made but cannot bear to part with. Flaw I cheated to get into the Guild.



0 gems
0 pp
15 gp
0 ep
0 sp
0 cp


Dagger X3


Unarmored / Mage Armor


Explorer's Pack
Arcane Focus
Carving Tools
Traveler's Clothes
Letter of Introduction from Guild

Magic Items



Astrid has always wanted nothing more than to be an artist. What she didn't want was anything to do with the darkness and shadow that she could feel all around her from birth. She tried to put it to the side and focused on her art, even to the point of leaving her family's worship of Santani, the Goddess of trade, giving her worship instead to Grainne, Goddess of Art (and, though it's not made as much of, Lust).

She worked hard to become a good artist, learning to carve stones and gems with grace and flair. Trouble was, she had a tendency - still does - to focus so much on her work that she loses track of time. This was a problem since to gain a position in the Guild for her art, she had to carve a stone while the masters were watching - and with a time limit, no less.

She knew she'd never manage that, and cheated. She carved a good stone and swapped it out for the one she was supposed to carve - she got to bring her own stone, so could make sure that they matched.

She got in and spent a few years happily working within the Guild, quickly becoming a well-known artist in Tearn Anog. If anyone knew of her deception, she never learned. Then some adventurer decided he was going to steal some gems that she'd carved - the pride of her collection - and something inside her snapped and gave in to the shadows.

Under questioning, she was absolved of murder - he was trying to rob her, after all - but the shadows unnerved her neighbors and she could no longer find work. Now she wanders, trying to find a place where she can, once more, settle down and be just an artist. She hasn't had any luck - the Shadow frightens people. She's learned to accept her itinerant lifestyle, to a point, and at least as an adventurer herself, people seem less concerned, probably because they expect her to be gone soon.

Freeport, though, sounds good to her - it may just be cosmopolitan enough - or at least wild enough to accept her.