Aulikki Kärkkäinen

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Aulikki Kärkkäinen.png
Name: Aulikki Kärkkäinen
Archetype: Military Researcher
Professions: Military, Academic
Background: Productive
Player: Atlictoatl
Appearance: curious, wry, distracted


Mettle | Physique | Influence | Expertise | Interface
+2 -1 0 +2 +1


Authority Whenever you are in a position of clear superiority over a group of NPCs, you can Command those NPCs even if the order goes against their own traits, loyalties and willingness.
Toughness You can suffer two injuries of each severity, rather than one.
Deduction When you first witness a situation, you may ask one of the following questions, the GM will answer honestly.

Who or what...

  • is most vulnerable in this situation?
  • is most dangerous in this situation?
  • caused this situation?
Education When you gain one or more Data Points about a subject, each ally that was present or involved also gains a Data Point about the subject.
Vocation You’ve spent many years training in a variety of techniques and trades. Sadly, you’ve never had time for fun or relaxation. You gain +1 to your Expertise stat, to a maximum of +2.
Unique Weapon Own a unique Class 3 firearm or heavy weapon. If that weapon is ever lost, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming a new weapon as your Unique Weapon, adding an extra upgrade to it.

Advancement Trigger

(Military) A problem is resolved with firepower [Complete] 
(Academic) A fascinating phenomenon is explained [Complete]
(Military) an objective is taken by force


Allegiance to Section 7, Science Division - 3 Debt


Section 7, Science Division


  • Field Scientist Uniform, DKLO Dynamics corporation (a Section 7 front organization) (Class 0 Uniform)
  • Research Kit (Tools to study and experiment out in the field. Specimen jars, hammer and chisel, scalpels, chemical analyser, data recorder, etc.)
  • Broadcast Kit (Tools to send and receive signals. Collapsible broadcast antenna, signal boosters, wires, vid screens, recording hardware, portable data drives, etc.)
  • Military Engineering Drones (Class 2 Artificial Crew): [armed] [mechanics] [rugged] [teamsters] [shield]
    • Punch Cannons (Class 3 Pistol): [rapid fire] [impact] [penetrating] [adjacent] [close]
    • Artificial Crew: Choose form (drone). Obedient, but rarely takes initiative or acts on their own. Commanded with +Interface.
    • Suojelusenkeli-class drone chassis - [rugged] [teamsters] drones can provide the [shield] tag when gathered close.


Research: Sensors gather scientific readings. Laboratory, containment units, sample scanners, sealed storage.

Data Points

DP on microbiology
DP on Human interface





Major: dislocated shoulder





Drone Patterns

command always uses word 'Pattern' before the designator

  • Eleph - drones are spread in wings or a halo around the controller, like an angel of death
  • Kheth - scout and defend. 2 in advanced front position scouting, 4 surrounding controller, 2 trailing behind.
  • Waw - 6 drones in front, 2 behind. 2 in front are in an advanced position, with the other 4 covering them.


Kärkkäinen arrived on the Columbine sometime in the last two years, wanting to grab data from the ship that a new planetary scan had revealed. Her own crew and ship got eaten by the planet, and she barely managed to throw herself into the Columbine's cryo storage as a last-ditch measure. She's hoping and praying that someone got her distress call, but radiation storms at the time made that likelihood questionable. (And perhaps there were other reasons a distress call might have gone unanswered.)

Last she saw them, her military-grade drones were nearly out of ammo. She set them into a defensive, self-protective but otherwise docile state, expecting that they'd harvest the necessary resources from the Columbine to replenish their ammo supplies by the time she emerged from cryo.

She'd grabbed the most critical elements of her research lab before abandoning her ship (research kit), which can be the foundation of a new lab, but she'll need to rebuild.

Other Info

  • former Lieutenant in Seven Stars Navy, Science Division
  • Productive Origin: The Productive live in societies, cultures or groups that place high importance on education and social responsibility. From a young age they begin training for their destined profession, devoting any spare time to higher education and secondary vocations.
  • Aramaic alphabet