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  - '''Tireless Iron Cavalcade'''
  - '''Tireless Iron Cavalcade'''
summon up to 13 steeds (for you &  up to 12 companion). HD 5, AC 0, 20 Mph move (half if rough terrain). Tireless and won't get attacked by natural beast. Cannot fight, but never panic and are immune to mental influences and other conventional mortal passions. leave clear tracks so easy to track for 1 month.
summon up to 13 steeds (for you &  up to 12 companion). HD 5, AC 0, 20 Mph move (half if rough terrain). Tireless and won't get attacked by natural beast. Cannot fight, but never panic and are immune to mental influences and other conventional mortal passions. leave clear tracks, easy to track for 1 month.
  - '''Trumpet of Far Utterance'''
  - '''Trumpet of Far Utterance'''

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Level 3

HP : 19

AC : -1

Effort : 4/4

Fray Dice : 1d8

Attack Bonus : +3

Influence : 4

Dominion (Spend/Received): 4/4

Weapon : Knives of Night, +6, 1d10, magic, 200 ft range

Armor : Pre-Shattering style clothes (Reverence of Steel, AC 3) + Shield (-1 AC)


STR 12 (+0, check 9)

DEX 18 (+3, check 3)

CON 13 (+1, check 8)

WIS 14 (+1, check 7)

INT 14 (+1, check 7)

CHA 12 (+0, check 9)


Hardiness 12

Evasion 10

Spirit 12


Sorcery, Artifice, Night


- Pre-shattering Creation

She is the result of one of the many experiments done in The Thousand Gods area Pre-Shattering. Newly woken up a number of years ago from stasis.

- Keeper of Ancient Knowledge

She spend a couple of years absorbing all available knowledge in the station’s database. Counts as being Archmage Theotechnician.

- Honorary Member of the Godless

She met with a couple godless in her time in the research station. She helped them and in turn they helped her get news and items from the outside world. Although they still wary of her due to her power, they do appreciate the help she provided them.

- Learned the Lesser Strife of the Falling Sky from the monasteries of Toba Plain
- Learned the Lesser Strife of the Drowning Tide from the sea-priest of Kasirutan isle



(Know instantly if someone is your worshiper or not. Reject worshiper / receive devotion from other God’s worshiper)

Gift :

- Receive the Incense of Faith (Constant)

Receiving worship from mortal believers and can begin forming their own cult.

- Sanctify Shrine (Action)

Worshipers can now sanctify temples and shrines to you. When properly consecrated, can choose to perceive anything going on within their precincts, (must intentionally choose to watch). Can target a gift or miracle at any person within the sacred grounds (usual effort cost). Free the first time to do this in a day, but each successive wonder requires commiting Effort for the day. Properly sanctifying a shrine requires rites and components costing Wealth equal to the Godbound's level, with increases in their level requiring additional expenditures. If the shrine is desecrated, it must be reconsecrated at the full cost.

- Smite the Apostate (Action)

Can instantly kill an offending worshiper or afflict them with some debilitating suffering appropriate to their Words. This torment lasts as long as the Godbound desires. If another god accepts the worshiper, however, the curse is lifted.


(negate any low level magic effect (including summon)(Effort for the scene, Instant)

Gift :

- Adept of the Gate
- Adept of the Way
- Adept of the Throne


(Make any non-magical object that can be carried as an action using any material. Count as (level)*100 people to make something.)

Gift :

- Ten Thousand Tools

Improve intrinsic. creating portable mundane object, is On Turn action, as part of whatever action you take. This object may be a permanent creation or allowed to disappear afterwards at your discretion. Your daily labor on projects is worth 1,000 laborers per level.

- Reverence of Steel

Clothes and armors made for yourself is AC 3, no penalty. Armor for others is 1 less penalty. Spend Effort for scene to negate hit from created weapon.


(see perfectly in dark, no need to sleep, action will not cause sleeping people to wake up)

Gift :

- Knives of Night

Commit Effort. 1d10 magical damage, 200 ft range. 0HP by this = dead, sleep, or permanent blind)

- A Road of Shadows

Commit Effort for the scene. Step into one shadow and emerge from the one nearest to the desired destination, provided it’s within a mile. The gift can move you no more than ten miles total in any one hour.

Theurgy Invocations

Gate :

- Tireless Iron Cavalcade

summon up to 13 steeds (for you & up to 12 companion). HD 5, AC 0, 20 Mph move (half if rough terrain). Tireless and won't get attacked by natural beast. Cannot fight, but never panic and are immune to mental influences and other conventional mortal passions. leave clear tracks, easy to track for 1 month.

- Trumpet of Far Utterance

Video call to people you have arcane connection on, close friends, & pantheon membera. Can also pass 10 lbs item but 25% chance fail. If fail, see the item location for a few sec. Last for 1 hour / if call ended. Worthy foe can use spirit save to resist contact. If resisted, arcane connection used breaks (if using any).

- Seal of Regnal Dominion

Full mind control (can command to do anything). Worthy foe get spirit saving throw and again for each hateful command. Last till dispelled or dropped.

- Open the Night Road

Can be opened for a few minutes or forever.

Way :

- Path to the Bright Sanctum

11 min one way gate to prepared sanctum from any place in the realm. Wagon can go through the gate and can see and hear into the sanctum through the gate.

- Delaying the Coming of Dawn

Time Stop for 1d6 round. Can act but not damage anything. Repeated use after the first in a scene is dangerous. If time stopped for equal / less round than before in the scene, spell fail and take 2d10 straight damage.

- Far-Distant Lance

Hardiness save (worthy foe only) or die. If pass the save, take 1d10 damage per caster level instead. Caster took half of target's HD in damage for casting and casting destroy all arcane connection to target.

Throne :

- Summon the Black Iron Servitor

Can be formed of any inanimate material or grown from living flesh, with 2 * your levels HD (max 20) It is intelligent, utterly loyal to the caster, and has three gifts (lesser gift) with 5 points of Effort to fuel them. The servitor is immune to non-magical weapon attacks, and strikes once per round with an attack that always hits and inflicts 1d10 straight damage. It's armor class is 0 and its movement rate is 30'. Creating a servitors needs a week, and may not have more than one active at same time.

- Directed Convulsion of Law

You can immunize yourself and up to a half-dozen allies from particular natural laws, material objects, or natural phenomena. The spell affects only a single phenomenon or object at a time (the caster could ignore a wall or a sword, but not all walls or all swords). The spell can only affect willing allies, and can last for up to an hour.

Lesser Strife

- Lesser Strife of the Falling Sky

unarmed attacks do 1d8 electrical damage and have a 50 foot range. Immune to falling damage. may use their movement action to leap fifteen feet vertically and thirty feet horizontally. When hitting someone below them, roll their hit roll twice and take the better roll. Can Auto-hit 1 target below for 1d10 damage if they're >= 30ft below

- Lesser Strife of the Drowning Tide

Can breathe underwater. Unarmed attack do 1d8 damage. As an action, they can move their full movement rate through the most tightly-packed crowd of foes without drawing melee attacks. Can commit Effort for the scene to inflict 1 action’s worth of melee attacks on all chosen targets within thirty feet of their position. They must end their action at the location they began.

Black Iron Servitor

Stats :

6 HD

AC 0 (immune to non-magical attack)

Movement : 30' walk, 60' fly (Sapphire Wings)

Weapon :

1d10 straight damage (melee, auto-hit)

Scythe Hand : 1d10 damage, 200 ft range, always deal 1 damage to living being & undead even when miss

Gift :

- Artifice - Transmute

- Death - Scythe Hand

- Sky - Sapphire Wings

Dominion Spend

- Repairing a part of her hidden research station’s function (4)

(village (1), Impossible (×4)). Repairing the Function that provides research station inhabitant with endless supply of basic goods & service (food, drink, clothes, simple weapon, cleaning service, repair service, etc). Visitors can also enjoy the services by providing something of value in return, so it acts like a store that's always stocked. Additionally, there's a ward to keep her research station hidden from anyone except for the Godless, her followers, and others that she allowed.


People Ayla helped that are holding on to stuff she given them/helped them with as luck/protective charm, trusted weapon, etc. This does means that it ironically has some of the Godless of the Thousand Gods she had helped who “recommend” (read preach) other struggling godless to seek her or her hidden station for some help


Ayla Vida is the result of one of the many many experiments done in the Thousand Gods area before the shattering. She woke up a few years ago and spend her days absorbing knowledge from what remains of the secret research facility.

The reason that her place isn't in the territory of one of the tribes there is because the people of her secret research station retreated to other, bigger station before the disaster. And it then left forgotten since the researchers turned thousand gods kinda don't care about that anymore. So her primary contact is with the Godless that sometimes wanders by. She gets stuff and news from them, and they sometimes gets help from her.

After she finished absorbing all the knowledge from her hidden research station she began wanders out, exploring the world to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and curiosity