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NewJLA.Batgirl2.jpg NewJLA.Batgirl3.jpg

Attributes [60][edit]





FGT 10




Powers [26][edit]

Martial Arts: Strength-based Close Attack Damage 4 [4 points]

Swing Line: Leaping 2 (30ft), Move 1 (Swinging), Speed 2 (120ft rd) (Easily Removable -2) [4 points]

Utility Belt (24 point Array with 2 alt. powers; Easily Removable -12) [18 points] - Batarang (base): Ranged Strength-based Damage 6 (MultiAttack)

alt1. 'Explosive Batarangs': Ranged Burst Area Damage 8
alt2. Flash Bombs: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 6 (Resisted by Fortitude; Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware)

Advantages [27][edit]

Agile Feint
Attractive 2
Defensive Roll 8
Equipment 3
Evasion 2
Hide In Plain Sight
Improved Initiative 1
Instant Up
Luck 2
Move-By Attack
Power Attack
Takedown Attack
Uncanny Dodge
Skill Mastery: Acrobatics
Skill Mastery: Stealth

Skills [55][edit]

Acrobatics 10 (+16)
Athletics 10 (+12)
Close Combat: Unarmed 8 (+18)
Ranged Combat: (Batarangs) 16 (+18)
Deception 3 (+10 with advantage)
Insight 12 (+14)
Investigation 10 (+14)
Perception 12 (+14)
Persuasion 5 (+12 with advantage)
Sleight of Hand 4 (+6)
Stealth 10 (+16)
Technology 6 (+10)
Vehicle 4 (+6)

Defenses [12][edit]

Dodge: 24 (+14)

Parry: 24 (+14)

Fortitude: +4

Toughness: +10

Will: +6


Initiative +10

Unarmed +18 (Close, Damage +6)

Batarangs +18 (Ranged, Damage +6, multi-attack)

Equipment (15 points available)[edit]

Comlink (1 EP)
Feature: Light pen (1 EP)
Gas Mask (1 EP)
Mini-Tool Kit (1 EP)
Vehicle: Batbike - 11 equipment points
Size: Medium, Str 1, Spd 6, Def 10, Tough 8, Features: Navigation System


In the shadow of Batman

Batgirl is acutely aware that, like her mentor Batman, she alone amongst the team is but a mere normal human - her abilities come from training and equipment, not superpowers or alien origins. Her need to live up to her role on the team is further complicated in that Batman was such a renowned legend, and she knows she must push herself further than ever before to earn the respect of her peers - and the right to wear the Bat logo. Her motivation is not only driven by her sense of justice, but to avoid failing in Batman's eyes... should he ever return.

Never in the same place at the same time (acute secret identity complications)

Batgirl attempts to maintain a normal life as a mortal human, and this life often brings her into contact with the same people - law enforcement, criminal contacts, etc. She must work hard to ensure the two lives do not get confused by this intermingling, or that her secret identity is ever discovered.

Daddy Issues

Batgirl's father, Jim Gordon, is a prominent police commissioner (Roger Cain is a prominent US senator), and while he either does not know or does not wish to acknowledge her "extra-curricular" activities, if her vigilante role is ever made public it has the potential to ruin her father, politically. She must maintain a careful balancing act to protect her beloved father from this (She must be wary that if her estranged father ever feels threatened by their connection, he will not hesitate to eliminate her.)

Inherited Vendettas

Batman has left a trail of defeated villains and destroyed criminal empires, and has made many enemies in the underworld. With rumours that the Big Bad Bat has gone, attention has turned to Batgirl, often seen as the weak link in the Bat-family and used as a way to strike back at him. Now she has made herself more prominent in the emerging new JLA team, the likes of the Joker and a host of others are plotting their revenge. Indeed, she has been the subject of two kidnapping attempts already since moving to Washington DC.


Breakdown: Abilities 60 / Powers 26 / Skills 55 / Advantages 27 / Defenses 12 = TOTAL 180


Bio: Barbara Gordon is the daughter of James Gordon, Chief of Gotham City Police. Her first career choice was to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a forensic detective. However, despite her great intelligence, her father wanted to protect her from the dangers of the profession. He insisted she went to university and find a nice, safe, profession, like working in a library. However, Barbara has secretly engaged in detective work anyway. She uses her intelligence and insight to work on cases confounding the police, and help solve crimes – often undertaking fieldwork on her own time to follow up leads. She has helped and befriended a number of detectives from GCPD.

When she discovered the identity of her hero, Batman, she broke into Wayne Manor to confront the caped crusader and ask her to train him. There she met Dick Grayson, and so began a long and complex relationship.

Batman refused to take on Barbara – knowing that she was the Police Commissioner’s daughter, and also believing that she just wanted to “play” superhero with no idea of the real horrors of the calling. But with Grayson’s illicit help, as well as support from Alfred, she was equipped and trained. Barbara has practiced martial arts since childhood and is a formidable fighter and gifted acrobat in her own right.

She has now struck out on her own, operating as a lone crime-fighter also carrying the famous Bat insignia. Though this annoys Batman, when their paths do occasionally cross, he will help her.

Barbara is aware that her alter-ego technically makes her a vigilante and if she is ever discovered it would ruin her father’s career, but she also sees the exceptional kind of criminal emerging in the world today needs an exceptional kind of response.

When Batman went missing from the Justice League along with the other senior members, Barbara heeded the call to form a new group – both to maintain global stability, and also perhaps to find out what happened to their seniors. She travelled to Washington under the pretense of an FBI Academy scholarship at Quantico. Her father was not happy that his daughter was still intent on studying forensics, but again there is a complex relationship here. If he knows of her alternate identity, he chooses not to acknowledge it, and a forensics course in Washington is a less-terrible reality for him to accept...