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==='''Claxton Clemens Arrives at Port Tosa'''=== 
[[File:Claxton Clemens.jpg]] [[File:Boxlifter.jpg]]
Soon after the creation of [[Port Tosa]], that annexed the tiny old Amber village of Port Green Vale,  a large force of the [[House Clemens]], lead by strongman '''Claxton Clemens''', arrived, essentially taking over several freshly built buildings and attempted to establish "Harbor Operations" that included controlling what ships could dock, and control the fishing industry, and to do so under the auspices of the "Way Its Done In All of Amber's Ports". 
Claxton demanded to be accepted as Harbor Master of Port Tosa because he was assigned to the office by '''Eustance Clemans''', the Harbor Master of the City of Amber. The construction crews, mostly Tosians under the auspicious of '''King Alexandir Kos Korag'''  believed at first that such a claim must be true since it seemed a foolish lie to make. So they allowed the vacant office and warehouse to be annexed.  '''Baron Calata Dunz''', a retired admiral of the navy of the kingdom of Wall was to be the Harbor master of Port Tosa & Port Green Vale eventually but he had not yet arrived to take over the business of running the harbor.
Claxton and his men began extorting the ship captains attempting to land and the fishermen in the newly constructed Port Green Vale.  The Port Green Vale natives were well aware of the Clemens family and immediately began cooperating in the same way they always had, considering them part of doing business and regular life. 
The insertion of the new "Harbor Master" was done at the ground floor level and many of the captains and fishermens of the Tosa/York port thought the situation unusual but cooperated due to the developing situation.  Many were new to Amber and how things were done were new to them. The knowledge of the Clemens intrusion did not reach the level of the leadership of the Tosa/York mission till it was bloody too late.
==='''Assault on Boxlifter[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Ascorbic_and_Ox]]'''===
The problem with the Clemens and the new residents began when a group of Clemens toughs attempted to extort from dockworkers during unloading of a Tosain fishing vessel.  The  group of 10 Clemens men assaulted a group of 30 dock workers and would have easily subdued them if one of them had not been '''Ox''', known as '''"Boxlifter"'''[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Ascorbic_and_Ox]]; a usually peaceful worker, but also a full member of [[CHAD]] and a former adventurer of considerable fighting ability (60th ''Warlock'' Fighter).  When his crew was attacked he was on board the ship and leaped to the dock and began thrashing the toughs, wielding one of them by the ankles against the others. They scattered after a substantial bruising, dragging their wounded behind them.  At the time Boxlifter and the dock workers thought it merely a dust up and intended to ignore it.
==='''Battle of Port Tosa'''===
[[File:Ascorbic.jpg|150 px]] [[File:Vomil2.jpg|150 px]][[File:Geata1.jpg|150 px]][[File:Vislar.jpg|150 px]][[File:Carston Brak.jpg|150 px]][[File:Shanaanor.jpg|150 px]]
The next day, '''Claxton''' himself returned with 140 men of a greater military nature to ''"establish order "'', They attempted to capture '''Boxlifter''' and his co-workers. Although '''Boxlifter''' was not the crew boss nor a leader of men, he was the most well known.  The Clemens squad drew cudgels and clubs and began attacking the workcrew and the civilians in the area. 
One of the civilians, a Tosain fishwife, ran to the Port Tosa Palace Commons and alerted the CHAD members present.  She returned with 5 CHAD members including '''Sir Ascorbic''' (Boxlifter's boon companion-60th mage & sorcerer), '''Sir Vomil'''(110 Fighter), '''Dame Geata Rockbreaker'''(125 Fighter Thief), '''Sir Carston Brak''',(25th fighter), and the half-orc '''Vislar'''(7th fighter). . '''Boxlifter''', a friend to all the arriving CHAD members, was already in the thick of the battle.
The Clemens forces had been using their cudgels to subdue and bludgeon the workers. However two dockworkers had been killed and the incoming CHAD members saw them as soon as they arrived. When the 5 wadded into the Clemens toughs they went in blades out. The bloody battle was shocking to the Green Vale natives and to the Clemens toughs as well. Most of the toughs, though experienced warriors, were not used to the level of retribution a mere five individuals were able to deliver. They fled leaving 70 dead and dying behind.  As they fled one of the CHAD clerics, '''Dame Shana Anor''' a hobbit priestes of Deblico, arrived and healed several of the most certainly dead and had '''Geata''', an inner Circle member of CHAD, summon more potent help.  Soon the leadership of CHAD itself was present, including '''Duke [[Lop]]''', '''Duke [[Fortunadas]]''', and '''Duke Zatonic'''( Geata's husband).  The 70 healed members of the Clemens gang were taken and imprisoned.
After the battle several things occurred.
*Eustance Clemans lodged official charges against members of CHAD for murder and insurrection against the Crown and the Peace of Amber.
*Venki Fairhand interviewed the Clemans captives with extreme enthusiasm.
*Fortunadus visited King Random and requested clarification of the authority of the Harbor Master. 
*Eustance Clemens was summoned before the King for clarification of his authority.
*70 members of the Clemens militia left the Clemens' service for other pursuits.  Most took service with merchant caravans and left Amber.  23 joined [[CHAD]] and were shipped to Tosa for training and other duties. these became the first Amberite natives in the military service of Tosa & [[CHAD]]
*The Harbors of Port Green Vale and Port Tosa were transferred the authority of the forces of [[CHAD]] and the Tosain Harbor master '''Baron Calata Dunz'''.  Many fisher families in Amber began moving north to the Green Vale area because of the lucrative and generous Tosain and [[CHAD]] leadership.
Since the battle the power of [[House Clemens]] has been severely curtailed but still maintains control over many activities, both legitimate and illegitimate.  They avoid [[CHAD]] members religiously.
Since the battle [[CHAD]] Members have been known to pee on the Harbor Master's of Amber's official offices. Mostly drunkenly at night.  Sometimes they make a party of it and invite the locals.

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