Beglan Shea

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Beglan "Beggar" Shea

Beggar Shea is a junior engineer working for You-Go. He was assigned to the Summer's Gift to assist in the delivery and set up of several Hydrogen Stations on Border planets. Beggar got the nickname when he appealed to work on a Tramp Freighter garbed in rags, with nary a credit to his name (and for the resemblance of his unusual Irish first name). Beggar was a promising Astronomy student when the Unification War cut short his studies. He found himself in the war, and something happened there that ended his studies, and sent him wandering from job to job, ship to ship. He still seems to react with panic to combat and weapons fire. He is otherwise polite, cheerful, kind and courteous. He blushes at innuendo, and seems very pious. He is well versed in the sciences, engineering and appears to have a classical education.

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