Bella Mason

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Annabelle 'Bella' Mason

Age: 24

Born: Persephone

Mental:d8 Physical d6 Social d10

Ships Pilot (Fly, Notice, Operate) : Born Behind the wheel - spend 1PP to x2/Step up Engines for next roll

Smooth talker (Influence, Knowledge, Trick) : 1PP to x2 Influence on next roll

Friends in Low places (edited to Fly, Shoot, Trick) : No extra distinctions

Skills: Fly (transports) d12, Influence d10, Trick (Distraction) d8, Fix d6, Operate d8, Notice d6, Shoot d6, Craft (makeshift repairs) d6, Knowledge (space lanes) d6.

Signature Asset: Alluring Presence d8. When she actually puts in the effort, Bella looks good and knows how to use it. But when she does, she usually wants something. Or someone.

Bella has been among the space lanes as long as she can remember. He dad Bobby was a pilot, runner ng trade to to border worlds, and taught her everything he knew. She doesn't recall much about her mom - just that she was beautiful, and loved to sing. While Bella inherited her mom's dark hair, good looks and smoldering eyes, she also got her dad's tone-deafness, carefree attitude and wanderlust, that took her with him all over the border planets. During the war, her dad turned his considerable skills to smuggling resources and weapons to the Browncoats. When the war was all but over, Bobby Mason got caught at the wrong time and blown out of he sky by an Alliance Warship. Stunned, Bella did the only thing sher knew how - grabbed passage on a ship for the Border planets, away from the Alliance. Her natural piloting skill got her work, even if he Father's contacts came from the shadier end of legality. She got over his death, but became a party-hard hedonist when not on the job, never knowing when her risky life might end. Behind the wheel, though... That's where she feels the most free. Empty space above, roaring engines below... The thrill of the adventure, outsmarting the law... Better'n sex.

Well. Almost.

The last few jobs have been weaksauce, and that run of luck has gotten her here, on a godforsaken fei-wu station. Who knows. Maybe luck will change?