Belus Good Roam

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This is a character for the Legacy PbP game, Legacy_Embers_of_the_Past.


Belus II.png
  • Name: Belus Goodroam, Braided into Gree.
  • Playbook: Sentinel
  • Family: Regents of the New Herd
  • Looks: Masculine, Blunt Face, Judging Eyes, Compact Body

  • Stats
    • Force +1
    • Lore 0
    • Steel +1
    • Sway 0

  • Harm
    • Cosmetic Wounds
    • Angry
    • Shell-shocked (-1 Steel)
    • Bleeding (-1 Force)
    • Dead

  • Moves
    • Family Inheritance: Hardy
      • The first time each day you take Harm, by 1.
    • Steel Rain
      • When you ambush your enemies with a coordinated strike, your rolls and any Call for Aid attempt the others make have advantage.
    • Role: Agent
      • Mark and hold 1 when you guard an expedition. Spend the hold to reveal a shelter your Family prepared on an earlier expedition.
    • Death Move
      • When you mark off your Dead box, plant your feet and make your last stand. No matter what, you’ll remain fighting until your allies are safe and the danger has passed. Only then do you die.


  • Playbook options
    • Add 1 to outfit when tooling up.
    • Family gear
      • Strider Gear (mobile, camo)
      • Pedigree animals (land, mount)
      • Rangers (quality 1, Live off the Land)


Belus spent most of his life a simple hand and guard for the Gree Braid sambison herd. That changed, however, with the attack. That gave him a degree of notoriety he has not fully embraced, and contact with Strangers which he does not truly enjoy.

Backstory Tie-Ins

  • "I have sworn to protect _____"
  • _____ and I stood watch together against the chaos.
  • _____ helped me get out of a siege alive.

  • Tempest believes I would make a good bodyguard.
  • Presumed Knowledge knows how my parents truly died. (IC does not know this yet)