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'''Attitude:''' Face; '''Height & Weight:''' 6’3”, 285 pounds; '''Weight Class:''' Heavyweight; '''Lift DC:''' 13; '''Reputation:''' +8; '''Abilities:''' Str 18 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 15 (+2), Int 11 (+0), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2); '''Endurance:''' 210; '''Trauma:''' 15; '''Base Attack Bonus:''' +11; '''Saves:''' Fort +15, Ref +8; Will +5; '''Training Background:''' Sports
Men who have taken this specific pill attest that they will enjoy lengthier and stronger erections. By just getting 1 pill everyday the outcomes are long lasting. There is actually an incredible improvement in their sexual performance. With a primary change inside their manhood'ersus length and girth they're able to generate more semen. They are able to have immediate erections on command. With a helpful increase of their sexual appetite they feel the surge of sexual energy that just can't wait to explode!
'''Skills:''' Intimidate +21, Knowledge (Power Maneuvers) +11, Knowledge (Rough Maneuvers) +13, Perform (Promo) +5, Perform (Vignette) +7, Profession (Actor) +8
Aside coming from the capsules stellar performance this product will be truly worth your every single dime. It is extremely affordable because unlike other products you just need to take a single pill each day to experience its full results. Within 3 months you are confirmed to see major changes inside your manhood size and sexual performance. You can continue to take the capsules when longer while you need. But the a lot more you buy the more freebies that you just will get.  
'''Feats:''' Chain Wrestling (Power Maneuvers), Fearless, Great Fortitude, Heat Machine, High
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Pain Threshold, Impervious, Improved Recovery, Lightning Reflexes, Maneuvers Focus (Power Maneuvers), Maneuvers Specialization (Power Maneuvers), Power Maneuvers Proficiency, Renown, Rough Maneuvers Proficiency, Signature Move (Spear), Simple Maneuvers Proficiency, Spectacular Entrance
The Volume Pills reviews show that many men are very satisfied with the excellent and high effectivity with this item. Not only that, they offer accolades for the exemplary consumer care services for their own competent and rapid places to stay.
'''Talents:''' Badass, Big Badass, Juggernaut, Stomping a Mudhole, Slobber-Knocker, Tough Enough, Ultimate Badass
'''Signature Moves:''' ''Spear'' Aerial/power maneuver: 3d6 damage (-4), knockdown check
(-1), possible stun on self if missed (+1), 1 Endurance cost (+1), Signature Move bonus
(+2). Maneuver modifier: -1, 4/show.
'''Finishing Maneuver:''' ''Jackhammer'' Power/technical maneuver: 3d6 damage (-4),
requires lift check (+1), immediate pin attempt (-1), 2 Endurance cost (+2) Maneuver modifier: -2.
== Biographical Links ==
[http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/b/bill-goldberg.html OWW Profile]
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Goldberg Wikipedia Profile]

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