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Blank Slate 5e

This is for keeping track of characters as they develop throughout the game as well as setting elements.


These will grow with time.




Name: Araine

Appearance Charcoal colored skin, bone-white hair, silvery-steel eyes, no pupils or irises. Tall.

Personality Fond of steamy romance stories. Only eats Fruits and Nuts. Pacifistic, prefers not to use lethal force, except in very specific cases.

Mental Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • 'Augury' +
  • Icicle Blast (Area Effect) +
  • Mystical Tracking +
  • Banishment +
  • Multi-Target Ice Chain +
  • Alchemy - A Recipe for Light +
  • Astral Sight / Attack +
  • Physical Attack +
  • Modify Temperature


Name: Lannax (goes by Lann?)

deep golden tan skin, faintly enlarged canines, lean build, full head of prematurly silver hair, spiky and somewhat wild.

Mostly human, but both parents had mixed heritage:

  • Father - 1/4 something? sensitive nose, deep golden tan skin, faintly enlarged canines (barely noticeable)
  • Mother - mostly human, with with trace amounts of multiple different races. (16ths? 32nds?). (Lannax is judged by his mostly human appearance.)


  • Can become irritable or frustrated
  • knows how to read/write and search a library
  • Interested in a noble family that has 'illicit dealings' (why?)
  • likes history? Politics?
  • Has some bias against Ebankh's 'people' but works to overcome it.
  • May have a thing against demons? (why?)
  • inexperienced/bad with women?

Abilities - Knowledge

  • read symbol (noble houses?) ++
  • underworld knowledge
  • Identifying the hellhounds? +
  • architecture --

Abilities - Physical

  • hide in a crowd/creeping -
  • quick hands +
  • rapid strikes
  • quick reflexes (defense roll) +
  • roof leaping

Abilities - Social

  • gauge reactions ++-+
  • cheating/conning +
  • convincing people +
  • project confidence/hard stare +

Abilities - Mental

  • Iron Mind Defense Technique!
  • Notice details/detect doors ++

Abilities - Temporal

  • temporal slash (advantage granting?) +
  • tactical time dilation
  • enhanced speed
  • temporal healing +

Abilities - Magical

  • cancel magical effect -
  • arcane strike +
  • sense magic
  • aport object
  • short teleport
  • banish -
  • aura (vs evil?) --
  • gigantification ++


Name: Ebankh


  • Apparently not one of the living: heart unbeating, smells vaguely of gravesoil, vinegar, and regret. (Needs perfume to cover up the smell.)
  • Loves books and libraries, for reasons he cannot recall.
  • Companion (?) of Lannax's.
  • Onetime member of House Natiu: married into the family, was slain by _____?______ in the Great Massacre a generation ago.
  • Unaffected by alcohol, but drinks Tsevos out of habit.
  • Has a supernatural, animalistic voice within him that demands to be released under pressure or threat of violence. Its name is Ghauragat.
  • Partial memory loss, but tied somehow to House Natiu.
  • Menaced by a dark-haired, apparently-long-lived woman of the city.


  • Has a preternatural sense of others (or the minds of others?) in his surroundings: +++++
  • Can sometimes remember Lore in this setting by involuntarily attempting to remember things from its original lifetime. +
  • Sneaking -
  • Invocations of divine protection: +
  • Transmit thoughts/memories via touch: +
  • Channel energies from the world of the dead (cold) ++
  • Dodging attacks ++
  • Investigation ++
  • Can talk inanimate objects into "doing" things (?)
  • Ritual spellcasting (sight) -
  • Resist Spirit possession: -



(combined with the other game)