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Some initial ideas for the set. If I got what you had in mind gloriously wrong then comment before editing. --Bliss Authority.



Ariana Joshua Smith - "Till human voices wake me, I will fight!"

Cost: Gain 4 Bliss.

Pilot - Innocent.

No upward, Leftward 2/3 (Noah), downward 1/4 (Jessica), rightward 2/2 (Victor).

In response to stress inflicted on Ariana Joshua Smith, Till Human Voices Wake Me I Will Fight, you may gain 2 Bliss and shout "Go! Glorious Princess ANIMa!" When you do, prevent an amount of stress equal to one less than the amount of stress inflicted by the last effect.

...It's a game to her. She gets to be a magical girl, fighting the forces of darkness with the Power of Love. She is truly my daughter. Perhaps this is why I am so frightened for her... - Sara Joshua Smith, commander, Treasure Island Resistance, circa 2030

Noah Porter - Left His Friends Behind Him

Cost: Gain 4 Bliss.

Pilot - Eager.

Upward 2/2 (Archer), Leftward 3/1 (Lily), No Downward, Rightward 3/2 (Celine).

Treat the difficulty of any Objectives Noah Porter, Left His Friends Behind Him that provide Hope for Victory as being 2 less when resolving the Attempt.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. -headstone of Laura Porter's grave

Jonathan Derek Smith - Breaks The Rules

Cost: Gain 6 Bliss

Pilot - Heroic.

Upward 3/1 (Casey), Leftward 1/1 (Archer), Downward 2/2 (Noah), Rightward 3/3 (Lily)

In response to any character with who Jonathan Derek Smith, Breaks The Rules has a Relationship, you may gain 1 Bliss. When you do, that stress is inflicted to Jonathan Derek Smith, instead.

"I love Lily like no other. Does this mean that I cannot love Celine? Or have loved, for all her faults, Casey? No. It means that I love Lily first... and I wish... wish... that Mom understood that..." - Jon D. Smith

Gabriel Winters - Roused from Nightmares

Cost: Gain 7 Bliss or 7 Terror

Pilot - Devoted, Touched

Upward 2/2, Leftward 2/2, Downward 2/2, Rightward 4/3

Touched. (You may gain either 7 Bliss or 7 Terror to pay for this card). You must place a Trauma on Gabriel Winters, Roused from Nightmares, when you play her. When any amount of stress is dealt to Gabriel Winters current Anchor, you may gain 6 Terror. If you do, prevent that amount of Stress.

"And I have loved. And I have served. And I have sinned. But what I've learned: As long as you are true to the life you live, now is the time for love..." - Euphoria (Firefly) - Delerium

Casey Lin - A Cautionary Tale

Cost: Gain 6 Bliss

Pilot - Hedonist

Upward 5/0, Leftward 5/0, Downward 5/0, Rightward 5/0

"She gave her body to everyone... and her heart to no-one. Why, given this, was anyone at all surprised at the manner of her death?" - Sara Joshua Smith, commander, Treasure Island Resistance, circa 2030

Archer Lin - Angels Never Cry

Cost: 5

Pilot - Eager, Veteran

Upward 1/1 (Jon, ha!), Leftward 3/2 (Sara), Downward 2/2 (Noah), Rightward 1/3 (Sophie)

Veteran 4 - Archer Lin. (You must place a Trauma on Archer Lin, Angels Never Cry when you play him. You may replace any card named Archer Lin in play with this card in response to that card suffering Trauma. When Archer Lin enters play, you may gain an additional 4 Bliss.) When you do, place a token on Archer Lin.

Treat the difficulty of any Objectives Archer Lin attempts as being lowered by an amount equal to the number of tokens on Archer Lin when resolving the Attempt.

Partially worded this way for the synergystic effect with Robbing the Cradle (a card representing sleeping with the Authority Figure): that puts a +5 Power token on any one Character. - ElliottBelser

Cast out regret, that in this debt, a better world is made; That children of another era may remember, and avoid our fate. - Winterborn (This Sacrifice), The Cruxshadows.



Mission Tactics[edit]

A Touch Of Desperation

Cost 4 Terror

Tactic - Mission, Touched

You must Pick any Attempting Touched Pilot or Touched Anchoring character (any character Anchoring, not just an Anchor, qualifies). You must Pick any Mission Tactic from your hand and reveal it to all players.

When you do, you must gain an amount of Terror equal to the cost in Bliss gain of that card. Then, that card enters play at no cost in Bliss Gain. (You must otherwise do everything else the card says that you must do). Then, draw a card.

See The Invisible!

Cost: 2 Bliss

Tactic - Mission

This Mission Phase, all players must play with thier hands revealed. They may conceal them again at the beginning of this Interlude Phase.

Do The Impossible!

Cost: 7 Bliss

Tactic - Mission

You must pick an attempting Heroic Pilot.

When you resolve this Attempt, treat the Difficulty of the Attempted Objective as being 5 lower.

Touch The Untouchable!

Cost: X + 4 Bliss

Tactic - Mission

You must search your deck for any Interlude and reveal it to all players. X is the cost in Bliss Gain of that card.

When you do, you may immediately play that Interlude on any Attempting Pilot or any Relationship with any Attempting Pilot.

Nightmare Tactics[edit]

Break The Unbreakable...

Cost: 9 Terror

Tactic - Nightmare

You must pick a Relationship that has had any amount of Stress inflicted upon it this attempt. (0 Stress is an amount. No Stress is not.)

When you do, the controller of the Characters with that Relationship must place a Trauma on one Outgoing Relationship making up that Relationship.


The Talk

Cost: 4 Bliss


You must Pick any character with no Relationships over 4 Intimacy.

Remove a Trauma from that Character.

"You have no idea why someone would willingly 'sleep with' someone else, do you?" Sara asked, with a smile.

Ariana's eyes bulged and she hid behind her stuffed gorilla, but she shook her head and waited for an answer.

"Because it feels good, Ari," Sara said. "Like nothing else. And that's only the physical side: you will never feel closer to someone then when you share your bed with them. ...a fact Keenan was all too willing to exploit..."

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