Bludstein Player Characters

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This page is reserved for players to provide a brief description and backstory of their character. If you don't like editing wikis, simply send your info to Kevan and he will post it for you.

Loke Adigard, Human Cleric of Hieronymus:

Dorro BerrelBelly, Dwarven Druid: Dorro serves as both religious advisor and also one of the bodyguards employed under the dwarven merchant Pekka Silvertoungue. His love for his Goddess Ulaa is evident in the various carved stones he wears as a necklace around his neck. Each of these are carved with a different word in Terran - the language of the earth

Cora Goodcut, Halfling Ranger:

Florian Shortsail, Halfling Fighter:

"'Tuvian Lachance:'" Born in Tringlee in the Dutchy of Ulek, Tuvian was struck with wanderlust and left home at an early age (for an Elf). Relying on his inborn dexterity and intellect, Tuvian began his career in Radigast City in the County of Urnst as a thief. His early travels took him to many places, including Blackmoor and the Pirate Isles. Ultimately, he found himself in the city of Exag high among the peaks of the Mountains of the Dawn in Perrenland. There he began training in the arcane arts among the Illuminated Ones, an ancient society of magic users and arcane mercenaries. With his basic education complete, adventure called to Tuvian again and he left Exag, joining the Iron Mountain Raiders as a new recruit, joining Lodevik Isenberg’s retinue in Bludstein.

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