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This page is reserved for players to provide a brief description and backstory of their character. If you don't like editing wikis, simply send your info to Kevan and he will post it for you.


Loke Adigard, Human Cleric of Hieronymus:


Dorro BarrelBelly, Dwarven Druid: Dorro serves as both religious advisor and also one of the bodyguards employed under the dwarven merchant Pekka Silvertoungue. His love for his Goddess Ulaa is evident in the various carved stones he wears as a necklace around his neck. Each of these are carved with a different word in Terran - the language of the earth


Cora Goodcut, Halfling Ranger: A quiet but confidant young halfling woman who works as a game hunter for her families butcher shop, "GoodCuts butcher" owned and operated by her eldest brother. she came to Bludstein with her many siblings (4 brothers and 2 sisters), sent by her father who wanted them to expand the family business. She has spent her life learning to hunt, how to track and move without sound. If some people have a sweet tooth than Cora has a meat tooth, and revels in discovering new and strange cuts of meat from places and creatures no one else might think to try, and has a vivacious appetite that could rival even the biggest carnivore.


Florian Shortsail, Halfling Fighter: Florian was born to a lady of the evening in a halfling village. Florians father Fairin was young and sailing under a pirate captain at the time but quickly left the life behind when Florians mother abandoned him in Fairins arms at only a few days old. Fairin found work as a bargeman shortly after and Florian grew up on the decks of cargo vessels chasing rats and seagulls around, and learning all about traversing the water. Fairin never wanted his son to know he had been abandoned by his mother, so he always told him his mother was a beautiful water fey, who had to return to the sea. He made Florian a small conch shell necklace but told him that it was left to him by his mother. Being left without his mother milk as a baby resulted in Florian being Stunted and skinny. But what he lacked in size and strength he made up for in dexterity and courage. when he was about 16 he and his father took up a job hauling building materials and the like to a new settlement in the sepia uplands, a place called Bludstein. Exhilarated by the prospects of adventure in a new and wild frontier, Florian set out with high hopes. He had heard tales of the Iron mountain Raiders and their prowess and quickly decided that impressing Lodevik, the captain of the Raiders, would be his best opportunity to see some real action and learn how to be the powerful warrior he dreams of being.


Valiand the Mage, human...magic user?: Valiand Parnassis Lechance, or Valiand the Mage, had been running his scams for years; fleecing marks with slight of hand, deception and misdirection. He made a decent living at it, too, until one day, quite suddenly, Valiand had real power. True to his nature, he has concocted a two-fold tale involving his formerly faux spells begining to work, and having no idea why. In this version of events, out of equal parts fear and a desire to become more powerful, Valiand sought out a wizard to train under. In reality, Valiand had grown tired of faking the part, and when one of his cons took a sour turn he was approached in a moment of weakness by a trio of what appeared to be old witches, offering him power in exchange for acting as their agent on the new frontier. It was at their insistence that Val saught out Sarula, and it is through his dreams that the coven control and direct him. Maybe Sarula knows that he isn't quite what he appears, maybe she doesn't - either way she has agreed to take him on as an apprentice.

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