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Jacob Michael MacAran :: Shade[edit]

Do you want to know the difference between gods and devils? Perspective, mostly.


High Concept :: Walker of the Ways Between[edit]

Background :: Son of Stone and Shadow[edit]

Trouble :: Possessed by the Jaguar Priest[edit]

Free :: The Shadows Speak to Me[edit]

Free :: Immortality is Great, but the Music Sucks[edit]


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png


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Athletics | Will

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Lore | Physique | Stealth


Empathy | Investigate | Notice | Rapport


Burglary | Contacts | Craft | Deceive | Drive | Provoke | Resources | Shoot


Natural Weapon

Fused with the elemental power of the deep earth, Shade's body is a thing of living stone, and he gets +2 to Fight because of this.

Super Toughness

Shade has Armor: 2 versus physical damage.


Natural Weapon Mastery

Shade gains an additional [+2] to Natural Weapon for a total bonus of [+4].


Shade has Armor: 4 versus physical damage.



Because he is intimately in tune with elemental earth, Shade can feel the pull of the earth all around him and can instantly merge with the world and reappear anywhere up to 3 zones away as an action provided he can start and end his teleportation on the ground or in direct contact with an earthen substance (stone, brick, concrete, metal, glass, dirt).

Wall Crawling

The pull of earthen substances (stone, brick, concrete, metal, glass, dirt) allows Shade to flexibly bond with such items in a way that allows him to move along surfaces primarily composed of them. Even vertical or overhanging surfaces.

Power Theme[edit]

Shadow Projection

The deep places of the earth are without light, and the darkness of the deep earth spills out when Shade uses his powers.

Special Effects[edit]

Attack Everyone in the Zone (Natural Weapon)

Shadows of elemental earth flow out from Shade with the force of living stone, allowing his attack to affect multiple targets.

Inflict Condition (Natural Weapon)

The sharpness of obsidian, the poison of sulpher, the burn of magma. All of it lives in Shades flesh and gives him the opportunity to tag a hit opponent with a Condition that has one free invoke.

Physical Recovery (Super Toughness)

Shade is able to draw on the earth itself to restore him, allowing him to recover from all physical stress.

Mental Recovery (Super Toughness)

At need, Shade can slip into the shadows of the deep earth and take on the stillness of stone, allowing him to recover from all mental stress.


Of Two Minds?

Shade came into his powers when the spirit of a long dead Aztec priest took up residence in his mind, and the stark differences in their philosophies means he sometimes finds himself At Odds With Himself.

Get Off My Lawn!

Born over a hundred years ago, Shade is an anachronism in the modern world and in many ways has made little to no effort to truly catch up. When confronted with technologies developed after the 1950's, he often finds himself A Man Out of Time, unable to make newer technologies function, either from simple ignorance or - more often - violent frustration.

Collateral Damage Effects[edit]


Because he is made of the stuff of elemental earth, Shade can, at will, shrug off any amount of physical stress from a single source (eg - bullets simply bounce off his chest, uselessly). However, the damage is reflected into his environment (bullets gotta go somewhere, after all).


When someone, up to one zone away, is attacked, Shade can intervene, teleporting himself in front of them to defend for them. Leaping into action and throwing targets out of the way, however, will incur its own damage.

Stress, Consequences, and Refresh[edit]

Stress Track, Physical

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png

Stress Track, Mental

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png


D2b.png (Mild)

D4b.png (Moderate)

D6a.png (Severe)


D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png

Personal Details

Born in 1909, Jacob's life changed forever on a dig in Central America. Cursed by an ancient Aztec artifact, he became something more than human. A being of deep elemental earth, timeless and ageless. And the spirit of a long dead high priest, Cuetlacthli, has taken up residence in his mind, plaguing Jacob with visions of a darker and more brutal world and philosophies that are more than foreign. They are alien.

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