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File:Brio Logo.JPG The Character Creation rules may seem complex, however the resultant characters are designed to be both practical(quick to use) and complete.

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Character Construction Methodology

There are 4 main steps to character construction, each creates a different aspect of your character, each furthur defines the character and what they are, who they are, and what exactly they can do (and how well they can do it).

Character Points

Character Points are a tool used for balance, and since balance is a reletive term not all characters will start off with the same amount of points. However the base amount depends on a few things. Since there are two different ways to determine starting attributes this must me takin into account before the base character points are determined.

The actual power level of the campaign (series of adventures that define a characters heroic exploits or perhaps simply there life).

Power Level Random Attributes Purchased Attributes
Weak(Child) 30 50
Low (Youth) 50 75
Average (Adult) 75 100
Heroic* 125 150
Legendary** 200 225
Mythical*** 300 325

*Heroic characters should be thought of as the type of characters that are the main protagianists in your standard western (western civiliaztion) novel.

**Legendary characters are the peak of normal human capability, they are those individuals that characters in novels tend to wish that they were like.

***Mythical characters should be thought of as characters such as those individuals that make up the heroes of greek mythology such as hercules or achillies.

I. Character Concept

The character concept could very well be either the easiest or hardest step depending upon the player. Essentially the mental picture of the character, the idea, the hook, anything and everything that goes into the characters makeup. Some essential questions are best answered before character construction even begins.

What race is your character? Elf? Dwarf? Human? Gen? something else entirely? Ask your GM if there is anything new and exciting, or maybe you might make up something yourself? Keep in mind the effect that this will have on your character beyond the stats, each race has a culture, a bearing, and basic relationship standards with other races.

What is your characters nature? Is your character a warrior through and through? are they a bookworm? powermad? psycotic? the consumate professional? a wanderer? anti-social? what makes your character tick? what is that basic personality trait that, when all else is stripped away, is central to your being?

What is your characters archetype? What is your characters base archetype? are you a warrior? a rogue? a mage? or a archon? a spiderguard? what is your background, what did you grow up as and what was the nature of the training you have recieved thus far.

What is your driving goal? What do you want to accomplish? build an empire? create a better world? kill every dwarf you see? bed every hottie you come accross? nothing at all? Is your characters life leading to something? and if so what is it?

What is methodology? How does your character tackle problems? do they kick the door in? pick the lock? are they careful? considerate? do they set traps? or do they charge the pack and hope for the best? Does your character have a way of doing things? And if so what is it?

What are your Peculiarities? Is there something that is just plain odd about your character? something that sets them apart from others? do you have grey eyes? a huge unibrow? do you have tatoos all over your body? do you have an odd skin pigment? Is there anything about you that people would remember? And if so what?

When your done your character concept you should be able to write at least a couple of paragraphs about your character, about who and what they are. Once you are finished the concept the rest of the process is simply building to that type of character.


There are three primary attributes, Mind, Body, and Soul. There are three sub attributes for each of the primary attributes.