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File:Brio Logo.JPG The Grimore is the rules for magic use.

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The Basics[edit]

The Magic School[edit]

Magical Texts[edit]

The Magic Skills[edit]

Magic skills are specialty skills related to the use of magic, you could call them methodologies of creating magic effect. There are six basic magic skills including casting, ritual, wards, runes, circles, and will.


Casting is the most common form of effect creation, it uses somatic, oral, and occasionally minor material components to create magic. Casting is one of the fastest methods to create effects but it is also one of the slowest, while costing a moderate amount of magic points.






Magic Spells[edit]

Ambient Energy[edit]

Brio is, at least magically, a dying world. There is, in most places, not a great deal of magical energy. However there are area's of higher magical concentration, these areas of concentration affect the amount of energy that a character can gather per FL level used.

There are also often places which specific schools teach to gather greater amounts of energy, see favored locations in school descriptions.

Note: Brio is a low magic world, in most of my settings I use a standard value of 2 ranging up to 8 for the MP per FL
Energy Level MP per FL
Brio Standard 1
Old Brio 2
Specialized Areas 3-4
Magically intense areas 5-7

Favored Areas[edit]

Some magic schools have favored areas. These areas prove to be magically intense only for the purposes of those paticular schools of magic. There are a variety of bonuses that can be provided to those using magic from these schools in those areas, the paticular description for each is found under the descriptions for those schools.