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== WANT-STAR the Hellion==
'''Name:''' Cameron Epithymía
'''Appearance:''' man; white; flashy costume; haunted eyes; casual clothing;
'''Abilities:''' cosmic awareness; dimensional warping; elemental control;
'''Assets:''' simple robots; a supercomputer;
=== Labels & Conditions ===
{| class="wikitable"
| || '''-2''' || '''-1''' || '''0''' || '''+1''' || '''+2''' || '''+3''' || rowspan="3" style="text-align:center;"| '''Curses!''' </br> OOO || colspan="2"| '''Conditions'''
|'''Danger:''' || || || || ⬤ || || || O || Afraid; (-2 to Directly Engage or to Cow or Rebuke)
|'''Freak:''' || || || || || ⬤ || || O || Angry; (-2 to Abscond or Pierce the Mask)
|'''Trouble:''' || || || ⬤ || || || || rowspan="3" style="text-align:center;"| '''Infamy''' </br> OOO || O || Doubting; (-2 to Unleash Your Powers or Exploit Weakness)
|'''Superior:''' || || ⬤ || || || || || O || Insecure; (-2 to Provoke Someone or Reject Other's Influence)
|'''Menace:''' || || || || ⬤ || || || O || Paranoid; (-2 to Distract Someone or Assess the Situation)
| colspan="10"|
| colspan="10"| '''Influenced By:'''
| colspan="10"| '''Holds Influence On:'''
=== Strings Attached ===
overexerting yourself; killing - accidental or not;
=== Bargains ===
'''Elsewise Power'''</br>
Mark your Strings track to use a move from any playbook, one time.
'''Make a Wish'''</br>
Mark your Strings track to get anything that you really, really want. It can be anything, but it always comes with a twist.
=== Lair ===
a power enhancement system; a prison chamber; healing equipment;
difficult to access; not safe from your Dark Power;
=== Relationships ===
________________ is the only one that knows the truth about you and the Dark Power.
You want something that ________________ has before your short time here is up.
== Backstory & Questions ==
=== Playbook Questions ===
'''Why did you make your pact with the Dark Power?'''</br>
It was a magic wishing rock!  What was I supposed to do, not wish on it?!
'''How did you find your Lair?'''</br>
After it... well, after.  It... the rock... it opened a portal and dropped me in this white Void.  According to the rock, the Void is actually inside of it, though that doesn't make any sense because it's in my head when I go there.  I dunno.  It's a pretty nice place to keep my stuff, at least.  No rent.
'''Who, outside your peers, is tied to the Dark Power?'''</br>
I've met a handful of Servitors.  The biker gang leader on the outskirts of town.  The Mayor's office clerk.  The neonatal nurse at Halcyon General.  None of them has a Want-Star like me but they all have a glowing Mourntech tattoo.
'''What does the Dark Power want from you, and from the world?'''</br>
Conquest.  The Emperor wishes to rule the entire universe, not just now but forever and beyond the universe's death.
You know, humble normal shit.
'''Why do you put up with the others?'''</br>
The rock told me to.  I don't know why, but it... but He, the Big Boss, he wants me around these guys.
=== MC & Player Questions ===
'''How do you usually get around town? You don’t have any illusion powers and your eyeball thing is kind of conspicuous.'''
'''How does your dark master contact you? A still small voice in courier font in your brainwaves or red texts from an unknown number or what?'''
'''As the only active Herald of the Ruinous Giant in this sector, you’ve attracted some unfriendly attention. Who besides the Akashic Army wants you gone or in space jail?'''
'''You know I don’t blame you for not reading the fine print before sticking that Monkey’s Paw into your eye socket, it’s kind of like clicking OK on the terms and conditions for the latest update of your banking app, right? Everybody does it. But have you been, I don’t know, quietly looking into ways to reverse the procedure, or are you just having fun with this?'''
=== A Note on Psychology ===
Jaclyn is hurting, but she'll die before she admits it. She's been tossed aside enough for being different that she defaults to keeping people at arms length, so they can't hurt her again. When she does get close to people, she's always subconsciously on the alert for signs that things are starting to fall apart, and she's quick to jump on any little hiccup as an excuse to push people away. Because she can't be hurt if she's the one doing the hurting, right?
If her life had been more stable, and her relationships weren't all so volatile, she'd probably be a hero. But she's prickly, and getting through to her at this point takes a lot more time, effort, and patience than most people want to invest. So she hangs out with Teegan, who is at least up front with her motivations regarding Jaclyn.
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