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Herbert “Herb” was second in command at the Planning Department of the City of Kaerkoven. Something of a dreamer when he was younger, life as a bureaucrat made him a much more practical man, a problem solver with relatively limited interpersonal skills beyond what was necessary to get the job done. His boss was one of the hundred victims of the enchancelment process. Since the creation of Chancel Amyra, he’s been extremely busy trying to solve the thousands of problems created that fateful day and in the following months (including the escape of a giant rabbit). During that period, he became pretty resentful of the Chancel’s overlords, blaming them for the load of work he’s had to face. But now, things are about to get interesting, as he’s been selected to take the mantle of Urbanization, a subject he knows rather well. Inheriting considerable powers, he’ll have the opportunity to walk a few miles in a Noble’s shoes. What’s more, those dreams of an urban utopia he cherished when he was younger will become suddenly a lot more feasible…

Herbert looks like an overworked white-collar type of a man in his early forties. He’s holding a notepad and a pen.

Name: Herbert

Imperator: Kudzu

Estate: Urbanization

I’ll define Urbanization as the physical growth of urban areas (as opposed to urbanization as the movement of people from rural to urban areas). In the recent years, suburbanization has led to the formation of new points of concentration outside the downtown area. Some consider this networked, polycentric form of concentration a new, emerging pattern of urbanization. In other words, in recent years, the Estate is somehow mutating, extending beyond its original borders.

Code: Light

Attributes / Miracle Points:

Aspect 0 / 5

Domain 2 / 7

Realm 4 / 5

Spirit 1 / 5



Devoted Populace


The City of Kaerkoven (5)

My reputation (3)

My wife, Margaret, and our adopted son, Lionel (5)

The Planning Department (2)

My assistant, Frances (3)

My Estate (2)


Limit: Focus (notepad) 2 levels of Domain for 2 DMPs

Restriction: Health-linked (Kaerkoven)


My assistant, Frances