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A character for Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl From Blue City, Second Attempt, by g026r.


Erm... It's a Lacuna campaign. Make of that what you will.

Character Stats

Personal Information

Pseudonym: Agent Redman
Mentor: Senior Instructor Snyder
Clearance: Blue
Gender: Female
Age: 26


Force: 2
Instinct: 3
Access: 4
Talent: Communication (Instinct)


  • Meditation
  • Skills Tree access

Heart Rate

Resting: 75 bpm
Target: 98–146 bpm
Maximum: 194 bpm

Character Background

Agent Redman wasn't expecting to end up a Mystery Agent. However, a Senior Agent spotted her in a crowded cafeteria where she was working as a government clerk, thought she might have what it takes, and recommended her to those higher up the chain.

Figuring that a job's a job and liking the pay raise, Agent Redman accepted without fully realizing what she was getting herself into. She's spent time as a Junior Agent and advanced through to Agent, having paid her dues in the Green Zones and shown a talent for finding information from others. Now, under the tutelage of Senior Instructor Snyder, she's found herself promoted to Blue Clearance and is being prepared for her first mission to Blue City in order to track down an HP.

She's heard the horror stories from other Agents— of Spidermen and Black Zones, the unknown Conflict and the even more mysterious Girl. Stories told in hushed tones that quickly fall silent if the Agents think somebody else might be listening.

She's not certain she wants this job anymore, but it's now too late to back out.

Far too late.


I actually find it a bit difficult to come up with a character for this. There's a lot of info about how to create an Agent, and about Blue City and the world it's set in. But there's very little that I find helps figure out just who the character is.