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A character for Donjon, created by psychojosh13.

Of all the games I own that I have never actually played before, I think Donjon is at the top of the list for things I want to try sometime in the near future. At least now I have a character ready...


A campaign huh? Well, this is Donjon, so I think I'll just roll some dice to tell the GM that whatever this campaign is about, at least part of it will take place in the Bone Mire, a swamp that seems to kill a lot more people than any other local terrain...

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Al-Zoaran
Class: Apprentice Necromancer
Level 1
Flesh Wounds: 3

Virility 4
Cerebrality 3
Discernment 5
Adroitness 4
Wherewithal 4
Sociality 3

Abilities: Cast Spells 4, Knowledge of Superstitions 3, Frighten Others 2, Feign Death 1, Resist Curses and Hexes 3
Magic Words: Bone, Cold, Curse, Wither
(when holding Magic Power, Al-Zoaran looks dessicated and skeletal)

Save vs Illusion and Confusion: 2
Save vs Poison, Paralysis, and Transmogrification: 2

Provisions: 3
Wealth: 5

Character Description[edit]

Al-Zoaran comes from a long line of wizards, so even though he didn't show quite the aptitude for magic that most of his ancestors did, he felt rather pressured to study it anyway. What he was good at, however, was noticing what bothered people. Local legends about witches, ghosts, ancient curses, and the like were fascinating to Al-Zoaran, and he studied them voraciously along with his magic. Eventually he found that it was fun to scare people, and it could get him things, so he started focusing his magical studies in this area as well.


This is my first experience with freeform skills, so it did take a bit of thought to determine what would be good for him to have. Likewise with the magic words; my guess is that I won't really know the best way to use them until it's actually time to put them into practice. As for the attributes, you may notice that they are certainly not optimally arranged for a wizard with social interests (since scaring people is, technically, a social ability). This is because I went by the default chargen rules of rolling all the attributes in order, and sticking with my character concept regardless of what the dice gave me. It still looks like it would work out interestingly though; having a high Dis (Donjon's equivalent to d20's Wis) means he should be that much better at picking up local legends and superstitions that he doesn't already know.