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A character for Ars Magica, created by Screen Monkey.


The Chantries of Roma have met and decided that they shall allow the creation of a new conclave of wizards, in the southernmost portion of Italy. Rich sources of ancient Vis in Sicily, the ancient Greek and Roman traditions, and the new Arabic traditions all are to be found in Palermo, gateway to Africa. Can the chantry survive the Norman invasions of Roger II, or the Sicilian Vespers?

Character Stats

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Cinzia di Palermo

House Flambeau


Intelligence +2
Perception 0
Presence 0
Communication +1br> Strength -1
Stamina -1
Dexterity +1
Quickness -2


Speak Sicilian 4
Speak Latin 5
Scribe Latin 3br> Magic Theory 5
Hermes Theory 5
Hermes Lore 2
Hermes History 2
Parma Magica 4
Certamen 2
Dagger 1
Concentration 4
Finesse 4
Penetration 3
Speak Italian 1


+7 Immortal
+1 The Gentle Gift


-4 Susceptability to Infernal Powers
-2 Tainted by evil
-2 Diabolic upbringing


Creo 7
Intelligo 4
Muto 3
Perdo 2
Rego 4
Animal 2
Aquam 0
Auram 6
Corporem 2
Herbam 0
Ignem 9
Imagonem 3
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 5


Trapping the Fire (20, Muto Ignem)
Whispering Winds (15, Intelligo Aurem)
Words of the Flickering Flame (25, Ignem Intelligo)
Flash of the Scarlet Flames (15, Ignem Creo)
Leap of the Fire (15, Ignem Rego)
Taste of the spices and Herbs (5, Muto Imagonem)
Prison of Flames (15, Muto Ignem)
Hornet Fire (15, Muto Ignem)
Heat of the Searing Forge (10, Creo Ignem)
Lamp without Flame (10, Creo Ignem)
Wizards Subtle Touch (5, Creo Vim)

Character Description

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