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A character for In Spaaace!, created by psychojosh13.


Gargleblax is a treasure hunter, so obviously any campaign he's in will spend at least some time focusing on hunting for ancient treasure on distant planets. Probably also fighting the foot soldiers of evil totalitarian space empires with funny accents (parse that sentence any way you like).


Interplanetary Treasure Hunter 2
Monowire Whip 1
Acrobatics 1

Character Description

Gargleblax Smith (Gargly to his friends) is about 6 feet tall and covered in short, stubbly fur. His hobbies include uncovering ancient treasures, not getting killed by the natives of whatever planet he's on that day, punching minions of evil in the face, and armchair sociology. Though not phobic, per se, he very much dislikes radioactive scorpions.


Considering that In Spaaace! borders on freeform, creating a character is pretty simple mechanics-wise. Considering that I'm ripping off a certain well-known fictional character anyway, I feel like I should have been able to take a disad point for the radioactive scorpions, but the game doesn't allow that. I don't know, maybe it wouldn't be balanced, or maybe the author just felt like that would be pushing too much into "rules" and "bookkeeping" and all that nonsense.