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A character for ''Paranoia'' Second Edition, created by g026r. <br>
A character for ''Paranoia'' Second Edition, created by g026r. <br>

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A character for Paranoia Second Edition, created by g026r.

Like all good Paranoia characters, Smoovop started as an idea for a name, and then I hoped that the dice would fall appropriately. The generation method used was the standard roll 1d20 for each stat and re-roll up to 2 stats as desired. Powers, service groups, and secret societies were also rolled randomly.


A Paranoia campaign? There really needs to be no description: The Computer gives you a mission, it escalates, you get in trouble, and hope that just maybe you'll still have one clone left when everything is over.

Obviously this character would be best suited for a pre-Crash Alpha Complex, but that's because there was no Crash, no "Vulture Warriors of Dimension X Trilogy", no reboot, &c. (Lalalalala! I can't hear you!)

Character Stats

Service Group: Technical Services
Secret Society: First Church of Christ, Computer Programmer (FCCCP)
Mutant Power: Deep Probe


Strength: 9
Endurance: 6
Agility: 19
Dexterity: 15
Moxie: 19
Chutzpah: 18
Mechanical Aptitude: 16
Power: 7

Derived Attributes

Carrying Capacity: 25
Damage Bonus: 0
Macho Bonus: 0
Agility Skill Base: 5
Dexterity Skill Base: 4
Moxie Skill Base: 5
Chutzpah Skill Base: 5
Mechanical Aptitude Skill Base: 4


Bootlicking: 6
Bribery: 6
Con: 12
Fast Talk: 12
Oratory: 7
Spurious Logic: 13
Laser Weapons: 7
Jackobot Operation & Maintenance: 5

Personal Equipment

Bullhorn, picture of Teela-O-MLY, personal hygiene kit, laser pistol & 2 red laser barrels, red reflec, and 20 credits.

Character Description

"Hey, buddy! I wonder if you could help me with something. See, The Computer wants me to take care of a little problem for it — top secret, hush hush Troubleshooter-type thing, know-what-I-mean? Uh, yeah... I'm tracking down a commie mutant traitor. Can't put anything by you, I can't. easy to see why you made Orange clearance. Anyway, the... uh... commie is just behind this door here, but I seem to have forgotten my security code, and I really don't know what to do, because I don't want to go back and tell Friend Computer that I've failed and... Oh? You'll use your code to open the door for me? Why, thank you very much, Citizen. I shall be sure to mention your *snicker* help *snicker* to the Computer himself."


I re-rolled Mechanical Aptitude (originally a 3) and Power (originally a 6). Overall, I got lucky in that Chutzpah came out as a decent roll — a character with a name like Smoovop-R-ATR can only be a weaselly, fast-talking, used-car salesman type character. As such, a decent Chutzpah Skill Base is needed. Other than that, creation is fairly straight forward: fast, simple, though there are a number of charts needed.