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Faery's Tale


Snow is a female Pixie that's pretty hand for all short of adventures.


Name: Snow Fairy Type: Pixie Gender: Female


Body: 3 Mind: 3 Spirit: 3


  • Flying
  • Pixie Dust
  • Clever
  • Lore
  • Musical
  • Sneaky

Character Background

Appearance: Snow appears to a Pixie with wild green hair, purple eyes and sliver wings dressed in a long red -made dress out of tulips and roses leaves.


Snow was born in a Fey Village that was drestory by a Dark Fairy. Snow travelled far away looking to get revenge on the Dark Fairy. Long the way, Snow had many adventures with other fairies, pookas, sprites and brownies.

She stopped when she come to a legendry fairy town and looked up in the Book of Wisdom. She learned that revenge would have turn her into a Dark Fairy.


Pretty fast for a RPG book.