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A character for Spaceship Zero, created by Screen Monkey.


A classic Spaceship Zero campaign, lost in Universe B, battling Hydronauts and trying to save mankind from a desperate fate. Great Space Jets!

Character Stats[edit]

Space Captain Biff A. Degan
Archetype: Space Captain
Stats: Brains 13 Brawn 13 Balance 9 Bravado 15
Strength Bonus: 13 Dodge Bonus: 18 Move Rate: 22 Initiative Bonus: 0 Body Points: 165

Heave 26
Endure 26
Jump 26
Listen 26
See 27
Hide 75
Navigate: space 40
Navigate: surface 30
Wilderness Survival 30
Climb 18
Fisticuffs 48 (ZERO SKILL)
Sneak 18
Throw 18
Backbone 40
Pilot: Space 50
Zero-G Training 50
Persuade: Bluff 30
Persuade: Leadership 50 (ZERO SKILL)

Perk: Pep Talk
Quirks: Has a soft spot for animals, always carries a lucky silver dollar, obsessive about dental hygiene
Max Zero Dice: 3
Quote: "I'm gonna have to bust his chops from here to Pluto!"

Character Description[edit]

Space Captain Biff Arturo Degan is a man's man, ladies man and man about town. Famous in the society pages as well as in academic circles, he has graduated from test pilot school to become one of the finest Space Captains in Space Corp. He is as likely to find a solution to problems with his fists as with his head, and this has often got him into trouble with the pencil pushers back home. But they don't know what it's like out in space. It's the new frontier, and a man has to be a man to make it out here.


A pretty painless process overall. Simple skill allocation system that reminded me a great deal of Call of Cthulhu, which I suppose is not surprising given the source material. The perks are a great idea, and I think these are mainly responsible for the flavour of the game during play.