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Meddling Kids is a kid role-playing game to introduce them to roll playing games. It's based on Scooby-Doo style cartoons of the late 1960s/1970s. Anywhere where they is a fake ghost or monster causning a problem, Waterfall will help the group in finding the clues and trapping the villain of the day.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Waterfall Archetype: Wild Card


Strength = 7 Moves = 7 Smarts = 3 Health = 7

Abilities = Cost

Quirks (Always combs her hair after getting hit by something: food, trash, monster's tail, etc.) = Freebie Speaks (No Roll Needed) = 2 Brawler (Strength + 6) = 7 Fish Out of Water (Health + 1d6) = 5 Wild Whiz (The Sea)[Smart + 6] = 6 Skirt (Smart + 6) = 6

Character Description[edit]

While finishing in Lake Mud, Donna accidently hooked up a frozen mermaid. Donna and her friends help freed the mermaid from her block of ice--and the mermaid awakens from a long nap. Waterfall, the Mermaid, is a blond hair teenage mermaid with a blue shirt and orange tail. She enjoys swimming, singing, and sun-tanning. She hates toxic waste, sharks, and losing her comb.


Meddling Kids characters are very easy to do. The states of the character must always equal 24, with no more then 10 going to one section. All abilities--expect a freebie--must equal a differet number, this is 26.