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Jessica was found left at one of the recruiting drops as a baby, and the resistance group is all the family she's ever had. She's got an uncanny knack for reading and running the crèche – she probably understands what it is and how it works as well as Ethan or Jon.

Jessica was Ariana's best friend since childhood, and has watched the same anime as her, gasping, laughing or squeeing in synch with Ariana: and quite frequently she was the "Anchor" in Ari's childhood PA&M games (when she wasn't the "pilot.") They’re practically sisters, or at least Best Friends Forever – they finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s half-forgotten in-jokes, and talk about *everything*.

Jess is very protective of Ariana, who she sees as a bit clueless about social relationships, particularly boys. She considers herself a much better judge in such things than Ari. She’s particularly concerned that Ari not get too close to a Pilot in That Way – in Jess’s opinion, Ari needs someone who’s not part of the war to be her rock.

Has a good sense of body language and subtle social cues: she knows who's sleeping with whom (though she may interpret it as "Going Out" with activities no more intense than making out), and why they're doing so; in many cases she has a better grasp on why than the partners are involved themselves. She is something of a hardliner on the ideals of True Love, too – you can’t spend your life immersed in The Power of Love and not either buy into it or become completely cynical about it. Everybody’s got their Someone Special out there, and they should be with that person. She’s holding out for something a bit better than the current crop of boys at TI, personally.

Dark skin, cornrows, often surprisingly well-dressed – she’s a decent seamstress and also believes in the healing power of “shopping” – hunting through warehouses, stores, and homes for something cool that’s still wearable. That can be dangerous, so she’s learned to handle a knife pretty well. She’s been bugging Ethan about finding a supply of salvageable ammunition for the cute little 9mm she picked up from a would-be assailant a year back, but she can’t shoot worth a damn yet – no practice.

She and Ariana often refer to each other as "Princess" and "Kunoichi", relics of the imaginary adventures they shared as little kids. Jessica is thrilled to be able to help her friend be a real superhero, but she can’t help see Sara and Archer – and poor Casey – as warnings of what could happen. She’s going to do whatever it takes to protect Ari.

On Others:

JonToo smart for his own good, and he’s been turning into kind of a pervert lately. He’s nice, and she thinks he might like her a bit, but one Smith is all she can handle, thank you very much.

ArianaI want her to have a chance to have her dreams come true, and even if it hurts, I’ll do my best to let her do her best!”

ArcherWow. He’s definitely the coolest guy on the island. I hope Ari and Jon can give him a break before he burns out. She doesn’t think that that "Going Out" with Archer is a particularly strange thing for Sara to be doing. In Jess’s mind, they’re practically the same age anyhow. She thinks it’s sad – that Archer is with Sara instead of Celine, when they’re obviously made for each other, and that Sara is so lonely and angry.

Noah – He’s got an attitude problem, but he’s basically a nice enough guy underneath. Terrible taste in girls, though. Lily will break his heart. She thinks Ari fancies him, and is discouraging her.

Currently Unharmed.

Anchor Ability: Savvy. Once per Mission Action, Jessica's player may re-roll any one die that Ariana has placed in any Relationship other than her Relationship to Jessica.