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Jon Smith[edit]

Played by: Hattori BarGamer

  • Jonathan Derek Smith, Commander Smith's child by Nathan Sinclair. Acts more like Derek, her older brother.
  • Hard-working, logical, detail-oriented.
  • Wants to be dispassionate, but has trouble doing so.


  • Philosophical but rational.
  • Since humanity's very existence is on the line, every effort must be made to strengthen the ANIMas, as they are our only means of defense against extinction.
  • Therefore, anything that strengthens the ANIMas should be pursued relentlessly.
  • From Derek's notes, Jon knows that intense relationships strengthen the ANIMas.
  • Jon, whose mind is both implacable and idealistic, takes this to its logical conclusion: To save humanity, he has to create as many of these relationships as possible. Prejudices and boundaries from the adult society cannot be allowed to interfere - survival takes precedence.
  • Despite his hard conclusions and an effective execution, Jon suffers internal conflict due to his philosophy.

Appearance: Relatively tall; dark skin and frizzy hair (delivered to him express mail from Sara's then Anchor Nathan Sinclair), which he wears in impressively long dreadlocks. Tends to wear wrap-around shades that resemble Kamina's (as designed by someone with a better grasp of physics than the character designers at Gainax), especially when marching down to the creche for a mission and/or on dates. This may or may not be when his trenchcoat comes out. Otherwise, has a penchant for solid blue, khaki and red buttondowns and anime t-shirts.


  • Like Sara, Jon is trusting and loves easily. He is smart enough to have stumbled upon the most effective way of fighting the aliens (the power of love), but not Machiavellian enough to manipulate others for easy results.
  • I see him making lots of tough choices between what he knows to be efficient and what he wants to do. He doesn't want to cheat on the girl whose virginity he took, but both efficiency and his hormones demand more relationships. He wants to stamp out the blossoming affair between his girlfriend and that other pilot, but for him jealousy is akin to hypocrisy and so he suppresses his feelings on the matter. Stuff like that.
  • I do see him eventually resolving this problem (in an Interlude, not a Resolution) by effectively articulating his philosophy of necessity to the resistance group. Jon thinks it'd be optimal for everyone to practice open relationships in order to defeat the aliens (also less angst), but he's afraid he's not eloquent enough to make his ideas sound pragmatic rather than perverted. The reason I want to resolve the central conflict of his character a good chunk of time before he Blisses out is because I want the resolution to be a feat of temperance and logic. It should be almost anticlimactic if he's successful.

He's not a Shinji, because his power is drawn from his own actions, but he's not really a Kamina either, because he's very self-conflicted. I'm interested in this character because while he's as effective as a natural ace, his power comes from creating a plan and applying ingenuity to a tough problem rather than being a maverick genius.

Suggesting to me that he's a Simon: unsure of himself, but ultimately, will gloriously rise to the occasion. --Bliss Authority

Starting Relationships[edit]

  • 4 / 2 - Lily, my Anchor in more ways than one.
  • 4 / 1 - Celine. Lovely girl. I must get to know her better.
  • 3 / 2 - Mom. She's suffered so much for us.
  • 3 / 1 - Jessica. Taking care of my sister is hard work, but Jess is smart enough to handle it.
  • 2 / 2 - Noah. He may be a little wild, but his heart's in the right place.
  • 1 / 1 - Archer. He's not even trying to hide what he's doing with Mom. That's just -ew-.
  • (3/4: Lil' Sis) Her first mission is tomorrow. I wonder how she'll do?
  • (1/3: Victor) Oh dear, I believe I've got my first worshiper. How embarrassing...

Post First Night: Red Alert[edit]

  • Zero Stress Ariana Smith: "She's growing up so fast..."
  • Rel: 4/3 Lily: "We had a good talk. The Plan is moving forward."
  • Rel: 4/2 Celine: "With food, and with love, the secret ingredient is TLC. The poor girl needs it so badly..."