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Lily, who we found washed ashore one day. A voracious reader, she was soon familiar with the psychological and mechanical tools necessary to handle the creches.

She is obviously Touched, with translucent skin, pale blue hair, and yellow eyes.

Sleeping with, and has deep romantic feelings for, Jon - but has recently slept with Noah on the side, and had a brief fling with Casey before her untimely demise. After all, Jon's philosophy would suggest that she should support as many pilots as she is capable of, right?

Currently Unharmed.

Anchor Ability: Comforting. Once per Mission Action, Lily's player can re-roll any one die that Jon's player has placed in a category Threatened or Endangered by Trauma.


  • 4/2, Jon. My heart, my soul - as much my 'anchor' in the real world as I am his in the dream.
  • 4/1, Noah. I don't know why he wants to keep it secret. I know that Jon would understand.