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Oops. Could someone with more wiki aptitude than myself re-name this "Mottoes, Insignia and Callsigns?" - Elliott Belser --Mottoes, Insignia and Callsigns--

The insignia - an embroidered patch - of a TIJCC Resistance member with any military duties, then and now, was the three triangles around a hexagon of the Bliss Stage logo (as Panopticon Private Security, Jim Preston's old company, had as their symbol this with an unblinking eye in the center), altered and embellished as needed for each role.

The Pilots of the first generation wore one with a stylized heart in the background and a single rapier in the foreground, pointing diagonally downwards through the upper left triangle, with the legend "(Pilot Name, Serial Number and Callsign) - Against an alien mind, we wield the human heart." Sara still wears hers, with the callsign Crybaby, and all the others she displays in the cafeteria: Josh's callsign was Yawn (as in "Technicolor," referring to what happened immediately following his first sortie), Keenan's was "Mambo" (#5), and Anna's "Sunshine" (for her famous cynical and sarcastic streak). These days, the insignia is of a heart shining like a star, in the center of a downward-facing crescent moon, but the motto remains the same (which is, perhaps, to blame for the "pre-flight diagnostic" that Ariana and Jessica have been known to run from time to time. See the Anchor/Pilot pic for more info).

The Anchors, then and now, have as their symbol a heart in the background, shackled to an anchor in the foreground: the text reads, for example, "Meredith Bassinger, Anchor 03 - Until human voices wake them" (not coincidentally Jessica's response to the call "AGAINST AN ALIEN MIND..." etc.). Sara hasn't the heart to tell anyone that the ending of the poem that inspired that was "'Till human voices wake me, and I drown."