Children of the Sea

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Sorcerer Merchants once reigned over the many island and island chains across the world. But as can happen in the pursuit of power and wealth, the Merchants warred against each other leaving many islands ruined and eventually toppling their own prominence in the world. Some descendants remain to this day, however, trying to make things right and work to restore some of the former beauty of the earth their ancestors devastated. Others have maintained new or former positions of power, but with less of the influence they once had.

You find yourselves in the town of Cliffcove. Not far away is a charred island containing a menacing structure, Blunderbuss Keep. A dark magical sphere hangs over the entire roof of the place, and since that appeared the surrounding islands have seen their vegetation withered and their creatures warped by some magical force. A group of druids have held the magics back from spreading its corruption further, but the progression of the corruption has merely been slowed and is sure to bring the taint to Cliffcove itself if left unchecked.


The system used is Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Characters start at 1st level with the standard point buy method with the standard starting points.

Map of the Arkages Archipelago

Towns and Villages

= Dundleworth Island




Ages Harbor Island


Player Characters

Appleciders, playing Falas Wood Elf Rogue

Sam I Am, playing Sufthis Lizardfolk Druid of the Deeps

Potted Plant, playing Anzhela Human Warlock

Sepulchritude, playing Barges Elardrin Rogue

Stormraven, playing Claira aka ? Half Elf Sorcerer

Tailisman, playing Kreelis Lizardfolk Tempest Cleric