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*Dagger +4 1d4P Finesse, Light, Thrown (Range 20/60)
*Light Crossbow +4 1d8P, Ammunition, Range 80/320, Loading, 2h
Light Crossbow
*Shocking Grasp (Cantrip) +5 1d8 (Lightning) Touch
Shocking Grasp
*Chromatic Orb (1st Level) +5 3d8 Range 90' Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison or Thunder
Chromatic Orb
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AC 15 HP 8
Currently:  Brath Harwell [ ], Daina Cannis [X], Karot Orison [ ], Lady Helena Marsa [ ]
== Proficiencies ==
== Proficiencies ==
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*15 gp
*15 gp
== Spellcasting ==
*Dancing Lights
*Shocking Grasp
'''1st Level:''' Spell Slots 2
*Chromatic Orb (Lightning Default)
*Disguise Self
== Persona ==
== Persona ==

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