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Chris, Son of Caine


Active since October 15, 2021

Father: Caine

Mother: Unknown

Children: None known/acknowledged


Hobbies: a reader, a gather of knowledge. A researcher.


Skills {4}[edit]

  • (1 Pip Skill-Military Technology
  • (1 Pip Skill-Military Command and Communications.
  • (1 Pip Skill-Military Horsemanship
  • (1 Pip Skill-Gymnastics
  • (1)2 Pip Skill-Medical Training. Rasak and Further surgical training.
  • 1 Pip Skill-Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.
  • 2 Spycraft
  • 1 Research


Cash Gagal-Active[edit]

Cash Gagal.jpg

Cash Gagal. Assigned to Laravala, Daughter of Brand. Reassigned to Chris, Son of Caine