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Real Name: Daniel Roatrum Code Name: Cicada


STR 7, STA 8, AGI 7, DEX 0, FGT 0, INT 4, AWE 4, PRE 0


Bug Wings: Flight 7 (1/2 mile/250 MPH), Wings [7pp];

* AE: Insect Movement: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2), Leaping 2 (30ft), Speed 1 (60ft) [1pp];

Multi-Arm/Legs: Extra Limbs 2[2pp]

Claws: Damage, Strength 6 [6pp]

Exoskeleton: Protection: 4 [4pp]

Insect Senses: Senses 11 (Danger Sense [Tactile], Darkvision, Radius Vision, Tremorsense [extended, penetrates concealment, ranged tactile sense]) [11pp];

Debilitating Vibration: Cone Area Affliction 10 (Cumulative, DC 20 Fort to resist; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) [30pp];

* AE: Sonic Cannon: Cone Area Damage 12 (Vibration) [1pp];
* AE; Sonic Blade: Ranged Damage 12 (Vibration, Accurate 6) [1pp];


Chokehold, Diehard, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 1, Move By Action


Athletics 5 (+12), Close Combat: Claw 10 (+10), Expertise (Biology) 2 (+6), Insight 5 (+9), Intimidate 10 (+10), Perception 5 (+9), Stealth 7 (+14), Technology 6 (+10)


Dodge 22 (+12), Parry 22 (+12), Fort +12, Toughness +12, Will +7


Initiative +12, Claws +10 (Close +13), Sound Blade +12 (Ranged +12), Sound Cannon (Cone Area +12), Debilitating Vibration (Cone Area Affliction, DC 20 Fort to resist)


Abilities 60+ Powers 63+ Advantages 8+ Skills 25+ Defenses 24 =180/180 points


Former Villain

Thinks he can talk to Cicadas


Professor Daniel Rostrum

Test Log 60003

It was a success. The cicadas have managed to keep those thieves from my lab. Their songs are starting to sound more like speech now. They’ve managed to lay their third batch of eggs and have started to venture farther from the plants I grew, I have some vials of the DNA from the adults and the 3 soon to be broods. It’s getting dark, I should probably get some rest. They’re singing a very calming song, maybe I can finally get some rest…

Test Log 60004

Cicadas are staying very close to me now. It looks like the vials have less DNA than before and I see sections of skin that look almost like the holes they make on plants. Maybe in my tired state I missed some xylem? That doesn’t explain the DNA missing. After looking for it for a few hours, the injection(extraction?) sites begin creating what looks like a final instar into adulthood for them. Removing a piece removes my skin too, so I need to keep it on. Movement is becoming more difficult.

A few hours later

I’m still alive, just need to break out now, it doesn’t seem connected to my skin anymore. After breaking out, I notice I have wings and extra arms, and a stylet, and antennae, the only thing still human is the fact I stand on two legs and still have my human organs in the right places. I hold still and wait for my new exoskeleton, all the while wondering what could have happened. I notice that the door is open, I thought I shut it, though in my tired state I must’ve forgot. The cicadas started to fly towards the exit and I came with them, walking since I am too big to fly in the hallway safely. When we were outside, something came over me and I just thought of the chorus. There was something firing poison at us, I needed to stop it. All I could think about was the cicadas. I know they‘re not a swarm, not like ants or bees, but still, I felt I needed to protect them. My colleagues said they had no use, that they are nothing but pests. If they were as dumb as my colleagues thought, they wouldn’t have been able to learn how to deter thieves, they wouldn’t have learned how to collaborate to speak. I can talk like them now. I must protect them from the exterminators. I’ve selected for these specimens for years. I will not let my children perish!
I remember so many fights with Batgirl. I have to hide the eggs and adults in more and more underground locations to keep her from killing them all. I wonder, why is she called Batgirl if she doesn’t even have any bat DNA in her? She can’t even fly without assistive tools. Always setting up traps before I can get at the exterminators. One day was different than the rest. One of the other Justice League people she works with came to me. They said something about a new threat and that they need more people to help against the terrorists who have the leaders held hostage. If society fails, it will be much harder to protect them.