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Name: Brother Ezekial Wall

Background: Strong History


Acuity: 2d6

Body: 6d6

Heart: 2d6

Will: 3d6

Traits: 3d6, 2d8

I'm big, rough, and tough: 2d8

I used to be a cavalryman in the Territorial Army: 2d6

The King called me to be a Dog, I guess: 1d10

I love to have a good time: 2d10

I know horses and cattle: 2d8

I'm a fair shot: 1d6

Relationships: 1d6, 1d8 left to take Colonel Eisenmann, my old commander in the Army: 1d4 Miss Liza Perkins, the piano player at that one bawdy house:1d6 Jeremiah Wall, my damn dead brother: 1d6 Steward Moses Wall, my daddy: 1d8

Belongings: 1d8+1d4-Long rifle from the cavalry days, I plumb forgot to give it back 1d6+1d4-My old horse pistol. I think I was allowed to keep this one. 2d8: This big old stick I got from a Mountain Person, it's got all kinds of carvings on it and it's good hardwood 2d6-My fine Appaloosa, Liza 1d6- Book of Life, lightly used, some foxing 1d4 - Big, beautiful coat embroidered with scripture and holy symbols and my brother's name across the back in gold and scarlet letters, with bullet holes through it. 1d6 - A jar of consecrated earth. 1d6- kit for repairing guns and horse tackle 2d6-small bottle of excellent whiskey, well hidden in a sock

Backstory: There are Walls all over the territories, and everybody's heard of Steward Moses Wall, who keeps the tidiest, most prosperous, godfearingest town around -- at least, to hear him tell it. His beloved son Jeremiah went for a Dog as destined, and got gunned down in his first town by a crazed drifter. That's when the letter went out to his brother Ezekiel who was serving in the 3rd Cavalry, who came who straightaway without the bother of discharge papers. He reckons the Dogs could use somebody with some experience dodging bullets.

Sixth Step: "I hope the Dogs think I'm as good as my brother was."