Coincidence of Birth

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Sometimes there are coincidences and sometimes things are manipulated. Time flows fast and slow and it depends on if one knows such things if it matters which is which. What is known is that all these things occurred at the same instant, time and speed not withstanding and the vision they shared was the same.

Brand sat in the chair in his cell in the Dungeons of Amber, drinking brandy and smoking a cigar, reading a book of poetry sent to him by his mother. Looking up he saw....

Arloxedra was laying on the top of a stack in the Library of Amber, Cat beside him, sharing a tin of sardines, looking over an ancient map of Azcala. The silvered tray became a mirror and he saw...

Truman was jamming with several Lords of Mandalay, among them David and Wolfgang, both of whom had brilliant careers on Earth, centuries and shadows apart. Houk kept the hooka filled and Mars manned the barbecue. They felt it and closing their eyes, they all saw...

Macsen sat with old friends drinking strong coffee and eating fruits under the bright Trasdian sun. His friends thought him drunk when he looked off into space and saw...

Delwin and Pierre sat over absinthe talking of the fall of kings and the deaths of Napoleons. The green haze of the thyme cigars forms a view and they saw....

Carissa and Vander floated in a zero-G bed chamber, aboard the Cerbrus, in orbit around Randal. Irritation over the prolonged unexplained absence of their friend Nala and the Prince of Regor still a sensitive topic between them. Drastic changes in Star Fleet had made Benedict insist he return to his post for a short time at least while Agrom recovered from his injuries. Waking, the scene portrayed on the mirrored ceiling above the chamber and they saw...

Floating in his healing tank, Agrom himself saw as well. Unlike the others, he understood and was not surprised.

Others saw as well. The King of Amber, the King of York, the Czarina of Regor, and the Emperor of Tosa saw. A pair of thrice crowned bards with a collection of notables look up and saw.

Deep in Chaos Swayvil and the Duke of Hendrake saw. Neither were concerned since the loss was not theirs nor would be the battle. The Duke did decide to release his servant from fealty rather then make an enemy of one so young and so skilled in the carving of meat. He decided to let the forces of Order kill him if they chose to do so.

This is what they saw:

An extraordinarily hairy man delivered a child of Deirdre, with Corwin and Warwick in attendance.

A priest of the Tiger delivered a slightly green skinned child of Nala Moir Tral as her husband Alexei stood by.

The blue skinned adask ruler of the North Wind delivered the glowing child of Emile as her husband Caine and his brother King Julian stood by. A squirrel looked on from the rafters, a tiny red blade on its belt shivering before it flees into shadow ahead of recognition.

In a clean bed under bright hospital lights, Queen Rilga delivered the daughter of Florimel as Prince Gerard stood by. The staff of the hospital in the coastal city on Randal were unaware of the importance of their patient. Nor did they know that as the forces of the universe bound the scions of great houses together it drew a child born to a poor couple with no other family into the mixtures of powers and destiny.

Amid the blood of a grand sacrifice, the feathers of dancers, and the fires of worshipers eating the dead, the high priest of Azcala pulls a pair of twins from Cihuacoa, his queen. Her husband Tonacat points to one that is quickly placed on the alter and its heart ripped from its chest. The other is wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed on the breast of its mother, soon to nurse.

A partially winged Lord of Chaos, dressed in a shark-skinned suit smelling of cigarettes like the dangling from his lip, kneels beside a creature whose shape is in flux, and draws from its body a child as above them Vance weaves waves of power drawn from a shadow of the Pattern of Amber, reversed, upside down and in vividly pastel contrasting colors, while the powers of the Abyss assail them shouting cries of folly and damnation.

The vision comes from the calling of powers and the portal that opens goes from a land of raging fires and stone to a land under a calm night sky. Babe, mother, and lords of Chaos and Amber draw the Sigil of Order through its working portal to a flat plain where the Unicorn and her husband wait to nail the construct in place.

These things come to pass and the moment is done.