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(Player Character Table)
(Player Character Table)
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The Diadem of the Immortal Monarch.

It's a thing of legends, down here in the Heart. Crafted entirely from one solid piece of indigo gemstone. Its physical value alone would be astronomical.
But it's said to be a magic item as well, one that confers a great and terrible power upon the one who wears it. No one knows what this power truly is or what it does, but that doesn't matter. Never has.
The myths also mention that such power exacts a horrible price from the user. But again, no one cares. Everything has a cost down in the Heart.

Hundreds of delvers have journeyed into fleshy red depths searching for this ancient treasure, but none have ever returned.

Until now.
You're a well-known and well-regarded team of expert delvers and mercenaries.
You've been contacted by a strange man in Derelictus, a child-like aelfir named Oude who claims to have a map to the Diadem's last known location. He wants you to find it and bring it to him.

In exchange, he'll pay you in the equivalent of an entire upper district of Spire. You'll never want for anything ever again. No matter what your goals or desires, you'll be able to fulfill them.

Can you succeed?
Or will you vanish into the mists of time as victims, another new part of the Diadem's legend?​

Player Character Table

Character Race Class Calling Played By
Bas the Damned Aelfir Cleaver Forced Llayne
Windchime Gnoll Deadwalker Heartsong Brahnamin
Ynder Drow Heretic Penitent Neaden
[1] Human Witch Enlightenment Thorya