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Victoria Youalahuan Santa Maria Zacatecas Hazat

Hazat Duelist

Spotlight Points:

Template Name Impoverished and Landless Hazat Template Name Noble Duelist
Cultural Template Professional Template
General Abilities Value General Abilities Value
Immersed in the Traditions of Sutek +8 Heavy Sabre Style +8
Raised in and for the Hazat +7 Overwhelm My Enemy's Defenses +7
A Warrior Born and Trained +7 Keep the Opposition Off Guard +7
The Rougher Ways of the Frontier +6 Endurance Over Finesse +6
Taught to Command +6 Swift, Broad Strikes +6
The Streets Hold No Fear For Me +6 Avoid Their Blows +6
Aristocratic Air and Grace +5 Feints Are a Valid Tactic +5
Heirloom Chauki Knife +5 Block and Return Attacks +5
Personality Abilities Value Personality Abilities Value
Revenge Will Come With Time +7 Fight To Win +7
Outwardly Composed +6 Discipline Is All +6
Spitefully Persistent +6 Warrior's Pride +6
Swallow the Insults +5 Never Underestimate An Opponent +5
Relationship Abilities Value Relationship Abilities Value
Bitterly Loyal to the Hazat +7 I Learned How To Fight From My Long Dead Great Grandfather +7
Grudgingly Faithful to the Emperor +6 My Saber Was Forged By Tlexictli the Weaponsmith Himself +6
The Locksley Hawkwoods have shamed us +6 I Did Not Beat John Talbot Hawkwood Fairly That Time +6
Castendas Stabbed Us in the Back +5 I Look Forward To My Next Duel With Nastasia Gurov +5
Template Name Retainer of the Marquis Gustavo Colapinto Template Name Cybernetics
Trademark Template Trademark Template
General Abilities Value General Abilities Value
Watch Out For Threats +8 Concealed Carry: Viper Sword Arm +8
Misdirection and Misinformation +7 Organic Flesh Cavity +7
Awareness of Proper Etiquette +7 Cyber Eye: Magnifying +7
Leave No Trace +6 Cyber Eye: X-Eye +6
Guard Whoever +6 Cyber Eye: Spy Eye +6
An Acid Wit +6 Implanted Infiltration Kit +6
Go Where I Am Not Wanted +5 Surprise Strike +5
Courtly Manners and Graces +5 The Devil in the Details +5
Personality Abilities Value Personality Abilities Value
Only the Paranoid Survive +7 Never Overlook an Advantage +7
Not Too Squeamish For Dirty Work +6 Pragmatism Suits Me Well +6
Lies Are Second Nature +6 Cybernetics Are the Ace Up My Sleeve: Make Every Use Counter +6
Secrets Need Keeping +5 Be Prepared +5
Relationship Abilities Value Relationship Abilities Value
The Marquis Is My Lord and Benefactor +7 The Marquis Shalit Allies Built My Tech +7
I Know Where to Find the Scravers +6 Court Engineer Rodriguez Has Helped Me Maintain It +6
The Order of Vladimir Knows My Name +6 The Decades Look Down On Me In Vain +6
I Am Not An Archon, But I Worked With Them Before +5 I Have Some Recordings of the Tejeras +5
Flaw Value Flaw Value
Testing My Moral Limits +6 Easy to Break, Hard to Repair +6
Template Name Victoria Zacatecas Template Name
Individuality Template Misc Template
General Abilities Value Temporary Abilities Value
Books are Knowledge and Knowledge is Power +8
I CAn Fight Dirty +7
In Politics It Can Pay To Be Direct +7
Intimidation is a Valued Art +6
Aristocracy Means Rule by the Best +6
Have Studied Military Tactics +6
Self Taught Philosopher and Rhetorician +5
A Mistress Of My Word +5
Personality Abilities Value Goals Value
Weakness is a Failing Excusable in Lower Orders +7 Regain the Barony of Zacatecas +7
Proud Despite All +6 Restore the Good Name of the Zacatecas Family +6
I Am Ambitious For Things That Are My Due +6
Nobility Nonetheless Obliges +5
Relationship Abilities Value Flaws Value
My Sister Married Into the Moncadas +7 Testing My Moral Limits +6
My Father Died in Shame +6 Easy to Break, Hard to Repair +6
The Fernandos Raised Me Then Tried to Marry Me Off +6 Trust and Relying on Others Does Not Come Naturally +6
Charles Lafayette Will Not Stop Pursuing My Hand +5 Hard to Let Go of a Vendetta +6