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[[Watchmen:A Small Castle|1.1: A Small Castle]]
[[Watchmen:A Small Castle|1.1: A Small Castle]]
==Supporting Cast==
===Supporting Cast===
-The Patrician
-Moist von Lipwig, Head of the Bank and Post Office
-Adora Belle Dearheart, Head of the Clacks
-Mustrum Ridcully, Arch-Chancellor
-The Dean (fat and ill-tempered, even for a wizard)
-Bengo Macarona, heartthrob wizard and foot-the-ball star
-Ponder Stibbons, revolutionary wizard and pillar of the establishment, all in one
-Commander Sam Vimes: nobody's seen him in a while.
-Captain Carrot: There's something likable about the man.
-Captain Angua: There's something scary about the woman.
-Captain Bluejohn: The newest, and biggest, and slowest talking captain of the Watch. A force of nature. Combines trustworthiness with lack of imagination. Likes to let people think he's dumb, until he's got them dead to rights and hanging upside down by their ankles, and who's looking dumb now?
-Corporal Erik Hammersmith: The desk dwarf at the new watch house, and amateur historian. Not a man of action.
===Semi-Ordinary People===
-CMOT Dibbler, sausage seller and entrepreneur, trying to get rich by making golems self-conscious.
-Ashur Harga, Klatchian cafe owner and introducer of the topological bun to Ankh Morpork
===People of the Night===

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