Divine Sparks

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Divine Sparks are the result of Siberys having his avatar broken up over the world of Eberron and so many meteorites carrying down fragments of his essence across the planet. The result is an absurdly large number of individuals carrying a "'Fragment of the Divine'" within them. Divine Sparks effectively are no different from regular human beings at base, other than they are more or less predestined to have PC classes and be drawn into interesting confrontations of Good vs. Evil.

When a Divine Spark dies, unless it is at the hands of another Divine Spark, they will have their power reincarnated into another being that will maintain a semblance of their prior self. This has resulted in some Sparks becoming "evil" and the proverbial bad seeds in Eberron's people. In fact, Divine Sparks pass along some of the special quality of their ancestry down to their descendants. It is quite likely that all 'heroes' in Eberron owe some of their ancestry to one of Siberys' many fragments over the years.

There is a finite number of Divine Sparks in the world and there are probably less than a thousand left in the world.

Benefits from Being a Divine Spark[edit]

  • A Divine Spark can be a Cleric, Paladin, or other Divine Spell Caster without actually having a deity of their own.
  • Likewise, Divine Sparks never lose their abilities in their classes unless they BELIEVE they lose them.
  • A Divine Spark suffers no Multi-Classing penalties.
  • A Divine Spark can exceed 18 on their ability scores.
  • A Divine Spark can reach Epic Level.
  • A Divine Spark registers as strongly aligned to their stated creed (Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, or Neutrality) to all spell casters.
  • A Divine Spark may 'Seize Another Spark' from a person.
  • A Divine Spark may willingly transfer their Spark to another.
  • A Divine Spark has a "Spark" score.

Penalties of Being a Divine Spark[edit]

  • Divine Sparks automatically show up in the Dragon Prophecy and can never escape its notice.
  • Divine Sparks suffer a -2 penalty to all attempts to hide their natures due to their invisible aura of power.
  • From a storytelling perspective, Divine Sparks are drawn to conflict.

Stealing a Divine Spark[edit]

A Divine Spark may kill another and attempt to absorb their Divine Spark as it passes out of them. This results in bizarre special effects that don't in any way resemble that of Highlander or its myriad sequels. Divine Spark thieves may absorb a Point with a contested willpower roll for each point the subject had. The remainder go on to reincarnate in new bodies across Eberron.

It should be noted that a Demon or Angel who possesses a Divine Spark holder can gain access to their divinity as long as they hold that body.

Benefits of a Divine Spark Score[edit]

  • 1-5 Gains standard benefits of a Divine Spark.
  • 5-10 Gains the Benefits of a Rank-0 Deity, irregardless of Level.
  • 15-16 Subject gains the power to grant spells and gifts to subjects within 1 mile of them or someone bonded through a ritual allegiance. Subject generates a "Reality Wrinkle."
  • 16-20 Character can grant spells as per a deity and gains all the benefits of a Proxy (Rank 1 Deity)
  • 21+ Character gains the ability to craft "Miracles" using Faith.

Note: Pyriel is the only being to have achieved genuine ascension to deity status and it is possible that the necessary Sparks no longer exist. Pyriel has literally killed thousands of Sparks over the past millennium. Ironically, it was not until Maya freely gave her spark that he became a 'real one' and could genuinely transform.